Spring on the York College campus

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The College Dropout Dilemma: To Stay or Not to Stay
Many students experience the urge to quit college at one time or another. Through the Spartan Success Network and an array of data-driven, student-focused initiatives, York College of Pennsylvania strives to help students overcome that temptation and complete their degree.
Navigating the Commuting Experience at York College
Did you know commuters make up about one-third of York College’s undergraduate students? Learn from students, faculty, and staff who share their commuting experiences, as well as the resources commuter students can take advantage of.
York College Supports Students Who Decide to Take a Gap Year
Students have many reasons for taking a break between high school and college and even during college―to work, travel, or recharge mentally. York College of Pennsylvania strives to keep students engaged in the college experience throughout that time.
5 Must-Have Apps for Every YCP Student
Check out some of our favorite apps to help make your college transition just a bit easier and help you keep up with everything happening at York College!
Zeta Beta Tau and the Jody Appell Award
The Jody Appell Award is given by the York College of Pennsylvania Student Senate to recognize a student organization’s community service throughout the year.
How to Graduate on Time
What steps do you need to take to stay on track with a four-year degree? Keep up with your courses and walk across the stage on time by checking these tips!
Experiential Learning at the White Rose Music Fest
Experiential Learning is alive and well at York College of Pennsylvania, and the White Rose Music Fest, held in October 2022, is just one example of how YCP helps students stay engaged with the local community.
Changing Course
The College offers more than 70 majors and minors to aid students who may be considering changing their majors.
Bridging the Generational Divide
Human Services major Samuel “Sam” Jarvis ’23 came to York College of Pennsylvania as a transfer student in the fall of 2021. His desire to connect older and younger generations led him to work in gerontology.
Designed for Action: Reducing Waste on Campus
That cute, little park bench? It might be made from recycled shampoo bottles. And thanks to Brianna “Bri” Hertz ’23, some of those recyclables might come from York College of Pennsylvania.
Working with the York Review
When most students sign up for a class, they expect lectures or maybe a few group projects or essays. They don’t expect the opportunity to run multiple campus publications. In the Publications Management course with Dr. Travis Kurowski, Associate Professor of Creative Writing, that’s exactly what you get.
The Art of Persistence
Hailey Kehoe ‘24 overcame a severe brain hemorrhage, multiple surgeries, and learning to walk again. Now, she’s planning to give back with a career in art therapy.
Wondering How to Become an RA?
Resident Assistant hiring season is here, which means that new opportunities are opening up for YCP students to help other Spartans adapt to college life.
Four Years of Throwbacks
From the first day on campus to donning their caps and gowns, the past few years have been an adventure for the Class of 2021.
Anything But Typical
Eric Milne ’93 is no ordinary donor, according to students who have benefitted from his generosity, which supports the York College Community Opportunity Scholarship Program (YCCOSP).
Living Sustainably: Tips from YCP Experts
With Earth Day and Arbor Day both happening at the tail end of April, York College is focusing on how our community can interact responsibly with the environment this spring.
Finding the Words: YCP Writers Explore their Craft
April is a great time for writers. Spring is in full swing, with flowers blooming and the world opening up in all kinds of inspiring ways. And at York College of Pennsylvania, members of our vibrant writing community are reflecting on how their skills and passions have grown.