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College Fleet Vehicles

The fleet vehicle safety and driver certification program was established to aid the College in reducing the number of accidents involving York College fleet vehicles (vehicles owned and/or operated by York College) and to ensure the health and safety of the College community in the use of the College's general use fleet of vehicles.

This program is designed to provide drivers with a better understanding of College policy regarding fleet vehicle use, to aid drivers by refreshing their knowledge of defensive driving tactics, and to build driving skills in the use of College fleet vehicles.

Currently, the fleet vehicle safety and driver certification program involves a review of the College's policies regarding the use of fleet vehicles and a road course training session. The road course is designed to build basic driving skills, such as maneuvering around fixed objects, proper use of mirrors, and backing in confined spaces.

This program is required for all students who will be operating College vehicles. Faculty and staff who will be operating College vehicles are encouraged to attend the program but are not currently required.

All personnel, however, are required to provide vehicle operator's license information and are subject to periodic motor vehicle records check (conducted annually) and must maintain a good driving record to retain authorization to operate a College-owned, rented, or leased vehicle.

Driver History Check

To ensure that only responsible drivers are operating College-owned vehicles, it is necessary to conduct a driving history check with the appropriate State motor vehicle departments.

Begin the process of the driver history check here.


Fleet Vehicle Certification Course Dates


Date Time Location Available Seats

Note: There is a six-person limit to the course; offered on a first-come-first-served basis.  If the class is full when you sign up, you will automatically be moved to the next available class.

Fleet Vehicle Information and Requirements

  • Policies Governing the Use of College Fleet Vehicles (Overview)

    A pdf version of this policy may be obtained by clicking on the following link. Fleet Vehicle Safety Policy

    1. Only authorized/certified drivers may operate College vehicles.
    2. All drivers of College vehicles must be familiar with, and abide by, the motor laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, other states being driven in, and York College policies governing the use of College vehicles.
    3. All persons traveling in a College vehicle must wear/use seatbelts at all times.
    4. Vehicles are to be secured/locked when left attended.
    5. Smoking, the use and/or possession of alcohol, and the use and/or possession of illicit drugs are not permitted in College vehicles.
    6. The use of "RADAR" detectors or other forms of speed enforcement detection equipment is prohibited in College vehicles.
    7. The use of Cellular mobile telephones (of any form or type) by the driver while operating (driving) a fleet vehicle is prohibited.
    8. Trips over 150 miles (one way) from campus are strictly prohibited.
    9. Drivers are required to correctly complete all paperwork as specified in the general provisions for use of a fleet vehicle.
    10. Vehicles are to be returned to campus upon completion of authorized/official use, parked in the specified parking lot/space and readied for use as specified in the general provisions.
    11. Contact Dispatch at 717.815.1314 and request an Officer to meet you at the van to complete a final inspection.  Any issues found should be remedied at once or additional fees and/or sanctions may be levied.
    12. Drivers are required to immediately contact Campus Safety in the event of an accident or mechanical difficulty involving a fleet vehicle.
    13. Drivers are required to notify Campus Safety, upon returning to campus, of any parking violations, traffic/moving violations, or minor damage to or involving fleet vehicles.
    14. Failure to comply with these policies may result in driving privileges being revoked.
  • Forms

    Begin the driver history background check by submitting the online Student/Staff Driver Acknowledgment Form.

    If your state is listed below, you will also need to complete an additional release.  Click on the link for your state and complete the associated form. Please note that electronic signatures will not be accepted.

    Pennsylvania VirginiaWest VirginiaTennesseeAlaska
    Arkansas   Illinois Puerto Rico  

    Return to the Campus Safety office by mail, by email to campussafety@ycp.edu, or by fax to 717.849.1634.

    Request a van online with Fleet Vehicle Request Form

  • Driver Qualification Standards
    1. A current and valid, State-issued (or equivalent) operator's license.
    2. A driver must be no less than 18 years of age (due to legal liability, and Federal labor laws - where applicable).
    3. The successful completion of the College fleet vehicle safety and driver certification program.
    4. The successful completion of the road course (if applicable).
    5. A satisfactory* Motor vehicle records check (MVR, driver history check).
    6. The behavior of the driver during certification testing and subsequent use.
    7. The behavior and social conduct of the driver, both on and off-campus.
    • *A satisfactory motor vehicle records check indicates that the driver has not received more than one moving violation in the past 12 months.

    If a driver meets any of the following conditions, he or she will not be allowed to operate any College-owned, leased, or rented vehicles:

    • Suspended or revoked license.
    • Three (3) or more moving violations in the past 36 months.
    • Any violations involving drugs, alcohol, controlled substances, etc. within the past 24 months.
    • Leaving the scene of an accident within the past 24 months.
    • Reckless driving within the past 24 months.
    • At fault in an accident resulting in a fatality or serious injury within the past five (5) years.


  • Fleet Safety Responsibilities

    The following provisions and policies, in addition to the basic defensive driving skills and techniques used by all good drivers, have been established to reduce the potential of accidents and injuries to member of the College community and those we interact with. All users of College fleet vehicles are to know and abide by the policies and provisions included in this program.

    Drivers of College fleet vehicles are responsible for the following:

    1. Properly completing all associated paperwork.
    2. Conducting inspection of the vehicle for general condition and safety prior to use.
    3. Following College policy regarding the fueling/re-fueling of vehicles.
    4. Promptly reporting any and all traffic/moving and parking violations, and damage to any vehicles.
      1. Any citations received will be the responsibility of the driver.
    5. Immediately reporting any accidents and mechanical problems.
    6. Following College policy regarding the use of fleet vehicles.
    7. Insuring that the vehicles is returned to the proper parking lot/space.
    8. Insuring the vehicle is cleaned and readied for use upon return.


  • Reserving a Vehicle

    Reserving a Vehicle

    Once the motor vehicle background check has been completed and an individual has been granted permission to operate a fleet vehicle.

    1. Check the online schedule to see if a vehicle is available on the date and time needed.
    2. Complete a Fleet Vehicle Request Form online.

    Please make vehicle reservations as early as possible as vehicles are assigned on a first-come basis.

    In the event that a reserved vehicle is found not to be needed, users are to contact the CIC as soon as possible so that the vehicle can be made available for others to use.  Due to the high demand for College fleet vehicles, the policy of canceling reservations of unneeded vehicles is mandatory and failure to do so may result in a fine/penalty being assessed.  Refer to Appendix A‌.

  • Procedures for Picking Up a College Fleet Vehicle

    On the day the vehicle has been reserved, the authorized driver will need to visit the Campus Information Center (CIC), located in the Student Union to collect keys and related paperwork.  CIC personnel will issue the authorized driver:

    1. College Vehicle Trip Log
    2. Vehicle keys
    3. Credit/Gas card

    Unless directed otherwise, College fleet vehicles will be parked on the main campus in the parking lot between the tennis courts and Tyler Run creek.  After locating the assigned vehicle, the authorized driver will:

    1. Complete a general inspection of the vehicle, checking for general condition (dirt both inside and outside, trash, personal items, etc.)
    2. Fuel level
    3. Mechanical problems or damage
    4. Basic safety check of tires
    5. Lighting and turn-signals
    6. Mechanical/system warning lights.
    7. Ensure that vehicle registration and insurance documents are in the glove box or center console of the vehicle.

    Any comments on the condition of the vehicle should be noted on the trip log.  Any and all mechanical problems or damage must be reported to Campus Safety immediately so that repairs can be made or a replacement vehicle can be assigned, if available. 

    Prior to departing for the trip, the authorized driver must enter the beginning mileage (odometer reading), date, and his/her name on the trip log.  This information must be recorded in a legible manner. Failure to complete this information will result in a fee assessment.  Refer to Appendix A.

    Fueling the Vehicle -- EXXON gas cards issued to the authorized driver by the College are to be used for fueling the vehicle. These cards may only be used for purchasing fuel (regular, unleaded gasoline) and may only be used at the corresponding vendor locations. Drivers are to record on the back of the gas receipt, the vehicle # and odometer reading. All receipts must be turned in with the Trip log upon returning to campus.

    Maintenance and Mechanical -- Fleet vehicles are maintained and serviced by the College on a regular basis, but problems may arise while in use. All mechanical problems must be reported to Campus Safety immediately to arrange for repairs or to provide a replacement vehicle, if available.  The authorized driver should not make any repairs or contract for services. If a driver would make a repair, and an injury or accident would occur due to that repair, all financial and/or legal liability would fall solely on the driver.

    Accidents -- In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania there are legally two types of motor vehicle accidents: Reportable and Non-Reportable. A reportable accident involves physical injury to a person, and/or damage to property (in the case of damage to a vehicle - the vehicle must be damaged to such a degree that it can not be driven safely from the scene). Motor laws of the Commonwealth require that all parties remain at the scene and that the local police be notified immediately; failure to do so will result in criminal charges being filed against the driver.  A non-reportable accident is just the opposite; involving no injuries or serious damage to property (a vehicle can be driven from the scene safely). Here, legally, the local police need only be notified if the damage to property has occurred without the owner's knowledge (owner/operator not present).

    In the event of an accident, no matter how limited, College policy requires that the driver must contact the local police (or other law enforcement agency covering the area) and the Department of Campus Safety immediately. This policy has been put in place so that there is no confusion about reporting requirements for the driver, and to ensure that the College and its insurer will be provided with all necessary information.  In the event of a non-reportable accident, where the local police can not come to the scene due to workload or other constraints, the driver is to notify Campus Safety and then complete an Accident Report form (located in the vehicle with the registration and insurance paperwork). This form must then be submitted to Campus Safety upon returning to campus or as otherwise specified.

  • Returning Vehicles to Campus

    Upon the completion of use of a fleet vehicle, the vehicle is to be returned directly to the proper parking lot/space and prepared for its next use.  The driver is responsible for completing all required paperwork and for the condition of the vehicle upon its return and must ensure the following:

    1. Driver must record the ending mileage (odometer reading) on the trip log. Failure to complete odometer readings will result in a fee being assessed.  Refer to Appendix A.
    2. The vehicle is to have not less than one half (1/2) of a tank of gasoline. Failure to return the vehicle without a full tank of gas will result in a fee being assessed.  Refer to Appendix A.
    3. All trash and personal items have been removed from the vehicle. Failure to return the vehicle in a clean condition will result in a fee being assessed.  Refer to Appendix A.
    4. All dirt is brushed from the interior of the vehicle. If this condition cannot be cleaned by the driver, it is to be noted on the trip log so that the vehicle can be professionally cleaned and readied for its next use.
    5. Any mechanical/system warnings are to be noted on the trip log.
    6. Any minor damages or maintenance needs are to be noted on the trip log.
    7. Contact Dispatch at 717.815.1314 and request an Officer to meet you at the van to complete final inspection.  Any issues found should be remedied at once or additional fees and/or sanctions may be levied.
    8. The driver must place all completed paperwork, gas receipts, credit card(s), keys and associated information with the trip log form, and place it in the drop box located at the CIC immediately upon returning to campus. This procedure has been established to ensure that the driver limits his/her liability for the vehicle, and to ensure that the vehicle will be readily available for its next use.  Vehicles must be returned to the correct parking lot/space so that they can be readily found for use of service. Failure to complete the required procedures will result in additional fees and/or sanctions. Refer to Appendix A.
  • Fee Schedule

    Appendix A: Fee Schedule

    Failure to return vehicle in clean condition. $15.00
    Failure to complete or turn in required paperwork, receipts, credit cards, key, etc. $20.00
    Failure to complete odometer readings. $25.00
    Failure to cancel reservation. $25.00
    Failure to return vehicle without full tank of gas $50.00
    Maintenance and Misuse Fine (i.e. leaving lights on, draining vehicle battery,
    leaving vehicle unsecure, other vehicle damage, and other occurrences not specified.