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Study Abroad

Travel provides rich learning experiences and memories that last a lifetime. YCP's Study Abroad program can match you to a travel opportunity that helps you become immersed in a new culture, network with people working internationally in your field, and see the world.

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Education Meets Exploration

From short-term trips to full-semester excursions, our Spartans have been around the globe. Previous Study Abroad experiences have taken York College students to Italy, Morocco, India, Germany, Costa Rica, England, France, Thailand, Greece, and dozens of other countries. 

No matter where you go, you'll return with broadened perspectives and a newfound set of cross-cultural skills that will serve you well as a person and a professional.

Ways to Study Abroad

YCP offers a variety of Study Abroad options and trip lengths to accommodate your schedule, budget, and desired experience.

Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

Each year, YCP faculty offer short-term Study Abroad trips to different destinations around the world. These faculty-led experiences can be found in a range of disciplines, and many are part of three-credit YCP courses.

Can Study Abroad count as a Constellation course?

Three-credit courses with a Study Abroad component that have been approved as a high impact practice and innovation (HIPI) course may count in any Constellation in the GenNext curriculum, depending on a student’s major. Students should consult with their academic advisor to make the determination if the course can count for their Constellation.

How much does Study Abroad cost?

Trip costs vary by program and are not included in YCP tuition. Faculty-led programs typically involve just a few weeks of travel, and are an excellent introduction to studying abroad.

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Semester-Long Study Abroad Programs

YCP offers a range of opportunities for students to study abroad for a semester or even a year. We offer three kinds of semester-long programs: direct exchange programs, affiliate programs, and third-party provider programs.

Direct Exchange Study Abroad Programs

Direct exchange programs are partnerships that allow universities and colleges to exchange students between institutions for a semester or an entire academic year. Students pay tuition to YCP and housing to the host university. They also pay their own travel costs.

Because students can use federal, state, and merit aid toward tuition for exchange programs, these programs often have lower overall costs. However, exchange programs have fewer planned excursions or on-site services and customized support. Students should be prepared for an independent experience that requires flexibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, and willingness to adapt to unfamiliar teaching styles and living arrangements.

Students have access to most courses that the university offers in a wide range of academic disciplines. Many courses will be offered in English; however, students may be required to take courses in the local language with native speakers of that language, depending on the program. Exchange programs offer the opportunity to get deeply involved in the local culture and community. 

Integrated Semester and Affiliate Programs

YCP also partners with several international institutions and study abroad organizations that offer semester programs across the globe. These programs can be approved for YCP credit for major, minor, or elective requirements. 

  • Integrated semester programs offer study abroad opportunities designed especially with certain majors in mind. Many of the courses have already been mapped onto the YCP curriculum. While any student can participate in these programs, these particular locations were targeted for specific majors.
  • Affiliate programs are at institutions with which YCP has a partnership. Their programs can be approved for YCP credit for major, minor, or elective requirements. 

Students can use federal and state financial aid toward these programs and are responsible for all travel costs. Tuition and housing are paid directly to the institution or organization. 

Provider Programs

In addition to direct exchange and affiliate programs, YCP partners with several third-party study abroad organizations to offer a wide range of study abroad destinations. These programs can be approved for YCP credit for major, minor, or elective requirements. 

Provider programs are a good fit for students who want to study abroad with students from other colleges and universities all over the United States. Study abroad providers offer during the application process and have on-site staff to support students when abroad. Students can use federal and state financial aid toward these programs and are responsible for all travel costs. Tuition and housing are paid directly to the institution or organization. 

In all cases, the Study Abroad experience requires that students take initiative and work closely with YCP's Study Abroad staff and their academic advisors to find a program and coursework that fits well with their York College academic requirements.

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In addition to our faculty-led Study Abroad programs, YCP also partners with several study abroad organizations to offer international summer and January intersession programs. These programs can be approved for YCP credit for major, minor, or elective requirements.

Students can use federal and state financial aid toward provider programs. Tuition and housing are paid directly to the program or university.  Students are responsible for all travel costs.

Summer and intersession programs are a good fit for students who may not have the flexibility in their schedules to study abroad for an entire semester. Students should first check with their advisors and the Study Abroad Center before signing up for any international coursework for which they intend to transfer credits to YCP.

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In addition to more traditional Study Abroad programs, YCP students may seek out an international internship through YCP, one of our affiliate programs, or another external program or institution. Tuition, fees, and housing are paid directly to the institution or organization. Students are responsible for all travel costs.

Students must first discuss international internships with their advisors and the Study Abroad Center to make sure the internship meets the requirements for their major, including the required number of hours of work and any YCP credit hours that need to be taken. All international internships should be registered with the Study Abroad Center, and students must complete the YCP application process to participate.

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In order to help students find the best programs for their majors, minors, and programs of study, we have also organized many of our Study Abroad opportunities by academic area. 

To learn more, explore our available Study Abroad programs.

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“Coming from a small town in PA with cows in my backyard to living in a big city like Milan was a huge change for me...It was one of the best experiences and choices that I have made in my life, and I would go back tomorrow if I could.”
Abbey Brown '24
Studied Abroad in Milan, Italy

Frequently Asked Questions

Studying and traveling internationally provides students with opportunities for tremendous personal growth. Perhaps the most celebrated benefit of Study Abroad is the way it builds self-awareness and forges identity. 

Students who complete Study Abroad programs often return with increased self-confidence, maturity, and intercultural development. The experience of being a 'foreigner' teaches us how other cultures approach everyday tasks and challenges, which in turn helps us to develop a broader understanding of the U.S., personally and globally.

The experience of learning and living in a new environment not only gives students unique opportunities to grow their skills, but also influences how they learn in future situations. Students return from study abroad with new perspectives. Those who are studying foreign language enhance their skills, and all students benefit from greater intercultural competencies and global awareness. 

Students who study abroad learn: 

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Analytical skills
  • Understanding of cultural contexts
  • Flexibility
  • Resilience
  • How to deal constructively with differences

These skills are valued by both employers and professional or graduate schools. 

The first step in planning your Study Abroad experience is to consider your own goals. Ask yourself the following questions to determine what kind of travel is feasible and in your best interest.

  • What do I want out of my Study Abroad experience, personally and academically? 
  • How can Study Abroad fit into my program of study?
  • How long do I want to spend traveling? Do I want a short-term, summer, semester, or year-long program?
  • Which countries am I interested in visiting? 
  • What is my budget? What funding opportunities are available to me for Study Abroad? 

Once you've given those questions some thought, meet with your academic advisor. They can help you make a plan for integrating Study Abroad into your York College degree program, and provide guidance about academic requirements.

You can also start browsing available Study Abroad programs to see what interests you.

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