Senior engineering students develop cutting-edge drone to assist local farmers.
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Built, programmed and operated by students, this cutting-edge drone is assisting local farmers.
York College's Student Success Division
Invested in your success. Apply today
Invested in your success. Apply today
From the Student Success Division to dedicated faculty who are invested in your future, York College takes the time to make sure you thrive. Apply today and get instant consideration for scholarships.
Professor Hamilton and engineering students at York College of Pennsylvania
Fall Open Houses at York
Fall Open Houses at York
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Join us for open houses in October, and November! Find out in person what sets York apart - friendly faces, strong academics, and people who care about your future.
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Oct 21, 2018, 12pm WBC 118 Weinstock Lecture Hall, WBC 225, WBC 303, WBC 309 Operations Lab, WBC 310, WBC 314, WBC 403, WBC 404, WBC 408, WBC 501 Yorkview Hall, WBC 304, WBC 206 - Conference Room, WBC 226 Conference Room, WBC 112 - GSB Conference Room, WBC 209 - Conference
Film Night of the Living Dead (1968)
7 – 10pm HUM 218 Large Group Instruction Room
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