December 7, 2023

Cohort of Indonesian Students Visit Campus Exhibition


A cohort of students from Indonesia enrolled at York College during the Fall 2023 semester visited the Cora Miller Gallery to view an exhibition of work by students at the Indonesia Institute of Art, Yogyakarta (ISI-Yogya). The Institute is one of four state universities located in Yogyakarta and provides visual, performing, and media arts courses in traditional Indonesian and modern international styles.

The works comprising the exhibition were brought to York College by Art Gallery Director Matthew Clay-Robison upon his return from a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program hosted by the Institute titled “Multiplicity: Visual Art as an Agent of Intercultural Understanding.” The exhibition was cocurated by Bambang Toko, artist and professor at ISI-Yogya. 

The title Lebih Dari Satu (More Than One) refers both the nature of printmaking, according to Clay-Robison, which involves printing multiple images from a single matrix, and how the students craft a narrative in their work by creating a series of related images that when seen together suggest an idea or story.

“It was fun to watch the YCP students from Indonesia interact with the artworks because they recognized landmarks and understood references that are specific to the local context,” he said. “I learned about the artwork from them, which was really cool.”

The exhibition is available from Dec. 5-20 in Wolf Hall.