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Step into Your Future: Alumni Advice for YCP’s Annual Career Expo

March 06, 2024
2024 Career Expo Exterior Sign

Written by: Sophia Myers '24, Digital Marketing Intern

A career expo, or a job fair, is one of the best ways to increase career success. No matter where you are in your academic journey, it is never too late—or too early— to plan for your future. Whether it be for internships, interviews, job offers, or even just to check out options for the future you are invited to explore your opportunities and take control of your career path at YCP’s annual Career Expo. 

How to Prepare

To help students get ready, the Career Development Center hosts workshops and résumé drop-in sessions. Moreover, YCP alumni have reached out to give their fellow Spartans some key advice:

1. Attire

A little bit of effort can make a big impression on your future employers. Make sure to present yourself professionally, the same way you would show up at your workplace. 

Alumni Ron Lease ‘07 tells students, “Remember that iron that's still in the box your parents bought your freshman year? Give it a whirl. Be positive. [Career fairs] are actually low-stress environments, allowing good practice for interacting with recruiters and hiring managers. Have fun! Seriously, have fun.”

2. Attitude 

Don’t let anything hold you back! If you have slightly fewer years of experience than a job posting requests, or if your GPA wasn’t the strongest in a class related to the position — think about the knowledge and experience you do have that could contribute to the company. You may be able to offer something that compensates. “Don't let a number hold you back from applying,” assures alumnus Travis Wetzel. “Don't be afraid to discuss hobbies if they show critical thinking and learning capabilities that can overlap in the workforce. EQ is just as important as IQ. Be personable.”

No matter your background, there are countless opportunities that you may not have even considered. Alumnus Brad Geiger encourages students to remain open. “It also is important for students to not limit themselves. Your talents can be used in a wide variety of industries. Don't put restrictions on where you can go because you ‘never pictured yourself working for a company in the ______ industry,’” Geiger says “Being a proud York College alumnus, never let someone tell you your degree doesn't prepare you for big positions at big companies. You can compete with anyone for any job.”

3. Advantages 

When it comes to having a leg-up on competitors, Wetzel stresses the importance of connection. “Speak to every booth with even the slightest relevance. Connections are the most important tool.” Wetzel continues, “Get contact info to follow up. Helping them do their job will give you a higher chance than others.”

Mark Rosenwald ‘97 advises that prospective employees “invest some time in listening to the HR/recruiters for key phrases and bits of personal information about their journey and why they work for the company they are representing.”

Join Us

All York College students are invited to attend the 2024 Career Expo located in the Grumbacher Sport And Fitness Center M&T Fieldhouse, on Wednesday, March 13th, from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Gain valuable knowledge and insight on endless career opportunities from over 100+ employers. Take control of your career path by stepping into your future now!