Safety Policy

To maintain the safety of our campus community and guests, our campus tours will be conducted mostly outdoors.

Tours will offer limited access to select buildings on campus in compliance with our COVID-19 protocols.

Spring on the York College campus

Driving and Parking on Campus

The Department of Campus Safety is the office of primary responsibility regarding traffic and parking on campus.

All faculty, staff, students and visitors should take the time to familiarize themselves with the College's policies for operating and parking a vehicle on campus. A copy of the traffic and parking regulations is issued with each parking permit, however, you may download a copy below.

The traffic and parking regulations contain information you need to know about parking and operating a vehicle at York College and were established to provide York College with a safe and organized community in which to live and learn and to provide for the effective use of parking areas and the safe movement of pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic on campus. Regulations must be observed at all times, including during class registration periods, exam and reading days, college breaks and holidays, and during periods of inclement weather. Failure to comply with the traffic and parking regulations constitutes a violation subject to traffic or parking fines (by means of a citation) and/or referral to the Office of Student Conduct.

Parking on campus is by permit only. Student parking permits for the 2020-2021 academic year are available for purchase online (beginning July 6) through myParking on the College Portal. Students who purchased a permit during the Fall or Spring semesters DO NOT need to purchase a permit for the Summer semester.

TypeResidentCommuterPick-up LocationOn Sale Beginning
Summer 2021 $10


Commuter permits will be mailed to your home address.

Resident permits will be mailed to your on-campus Address.

May 1, 2021

Fall 2021 $100

1st - $50

2nd - $0

Commuter permits will be mailed to your home address.

Resident permits will be mailed to your on-campus Address.

July 6, 2021

Spring 2022


1st - $25

2nd - $0

Commuter permits will be mailed to your home address.

Resident permits will be mailed to your on-campus Address.
December 1, 2021

*** Print out your receipt before closing the myParking application. Your receipt doubles as a temporary parking permit that you can use until you receive your regular parking permit. Simply place the receipt/temporary permit on your dashboard.

Each permit comes with a copy of the traffic and parking regulations and a detailed parking map, however, you may obtain a copy of each below.

  • Campus Map 

    When on the map, click the Parking link to expand the list of available parking areas on campus. Select the area(s) you would like to view.  You can select the checkbox next to Parking to see all areas at once if desired. Clear the checkboxes of other locations to see just the Parking areas.

York College Campus Safety Police Officers and Parking Enforcement Officers are authorized to enforce all campus parking rules and regulations.  All faculty, staff, students, guests, and visitors are to observe all Pennsylvania traffic laws and College parking lot assignments and restrictions as identified by their parking permit and the regulations and parking map provided with the parking permit.

Anyone operating or parking a motor vehicle contrary to these designations or in a negligent manner shall be issued a citation from Campus Safety.  Any offense can result in a judicial hearing if the circumstances of the case warrant.  York College has the discretion to revoke the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on campus.

Parking Procedures and Regulations

  • Common Misconceptions Regarding Parking

    1. Permit not required after 5 p.m.

    a. False. Permits are required to park on campus 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, all year long; to include breaks, reading days and exam periods, and during the summer months.

    2. Time-restricted parking areas are not monitored during the evening and on weekends.

    a. False. They are monitored so that all who need the parking spaces have an opportunity to use them for the purposes of loading and unloading their vehicles.

    3. Parking in fire lanes and turn lanes is permitted during the evening and on weekends.

    a. False. Vehicles should never be parked in these areas as it creates a hazard for vehicular traffic, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles.

    4. Anyone can park in Grumbacher Sport & Fitness center (West side: closest to Little Run Lodge) without a parking permit.

    a. False. There is also no parking in this lot between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. unless approved by the Athletic Department.

    i. They advise Campus Safety as to who has permission.

    b. A permit is required to park at any campus facility.

    5. Main campus residents with West Campus permits may park on the main campus between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. 

    a. True. However, vehicles parked overnight must be moved to the west campus resident parking areas by 7:00 a.m.

    6. If you need to park in a faculty or staff parking lot to load or unload your vehicle, you may do so if you activate your flashers.

    a. True. This tells our Officers that you are parked temporarily.  15-minute maximum.

    i. DO NOT park in roadways or fire lanes; you must park in a valid parking space.

    7. Students who will be hosting guests that will have vehicles parked on the campus must obtain a visitor permit for their guests or have their guest obtain a visitor permit. 

    a. True. This permit will entitle them to park in any student parking areas except in the lots reserved for the houses Curry, Wenger, Arnold, Kieffer, and Springettsbury.  Those guests must park in commuter or resident lots.

    Your guests may obtain visitor permits online by clicking >> HERE <<

    8. Parking longer, overnight, in time-restricted parking spaces is allowed after 5:00 pm.

    False. Time-limited parking spaces are restricted to the times posted 24 hours/day, all year long; including weekends, holidays, reading day, during final exams, semester breaks, snow days, etc. Vehicles parked in these spaces longer than the time posted will receive a citation for the violation.


  • General Parking Information and Regulations

    Parking at the College is by Permit Only!

    The operation and parking of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege and the College reserves the right to restrict, suspend, or revoke this privilege for just cause. Having a personal vehicle on campus is not a prerequisite of any College program and students bring, park and operate vehicles at their own risk.

    The College is not responsible for vehicles, or personal possessions left in vehicles, while parked on campus; however, any theft or vehicle damage that does occur on campus should be reported to Campus Safety immediately.

    • Faculty, staff, and students must pre-register vehicles online.  See Parking Permits below for more information.
    • Contractors and vendors may obtain parking permits at the Campus Safety office or in the Campus Information Center, located in the lobby of the Iosue Student Union if needed to complete long-term projects on campus.
    • Visitors and guests may obtain visitor permits in the Campus Information Center or at the Campus Safety office.
      • Visitors may apply for a visitor permit online. After completing the form, you will receive your permit in your email; just print it out and display it on your vehicle's dashboard.
    • In order for anyone to obtain a parking permit of any type, you must present the vehicle registration for the vehicle.

    Each permit comes with a copy of the traffic and parking regulations and a campus map, however, you may download a copy of each below.‌

  • Visitor/Guest Parking

    Admissions Visitors

    Upon registration for an Admissions Presentation and Campus Tour, the confirmation email will serve as your visitor parking pass. If for any reason you do not receive the confirmation email, you may get a parking pass at the Admissions Welcome Center (located in Iosue Student Union).

    The Admissions visitor parking area is the first parking lot to the right (in front of Miller Administration Building) when you enter main campus off of Country Club Road.

    Faculty, staff, and students (and their visitors) should refrain from parking in the Admissions parking lot and are subject to receiving a parking citation.

    Visitor/Guest Permits

    Visitor permits are available seven days a week in the Campus Information Center (located in Iosue Student Union) between 8 a.m. and midnight, and in the Campus Safety office (located in Manor Northeast) during business hours. Permits must be displayed on the rear view mirror with the permit information facing the windshield.

    • You will need your driver's license and vehicle registration to obtain the visitor parking permit.
    • Visitors and guests may complete the online application for a visitor/guest parking permit. 
      • Please note that these permits may only be picked up at the Campus Safety office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    • Visitors may also download and print out the application for obtaining a parking permit here: Visitor Parking Permit Application.
      • Bring the completed application to the Campus Information Center or the Campus Safety office to obtain your visitor permit.

    Overnight Visitors

    • Visitors parking vehicles on the Main Campus overnight must park in the commuter parking bays adjacent to Penn and Beard Halls.
    • Visitors parking vehicles on the West Campus overnight may park in any of the student parking lots on the West Campus. 
    • Visitors parking vehicles on the North Campus overnight may park in any of the student parking lots on the West Campus.

    Parking Info

    • Visitors are subject to the same traffic and parking policies as faculty, staff, and students.  It is the responsibility of the host to inform his or her visitors of traffic and parking policies.
    • Students may be held accountable for fines imposed upon their visitors for any parking offenses incurred. In the absence of student information, the registered owner of the vehicle may be held accountable for any parking offenses incurred.
    • Visitors are required to come to the Campus Safety office, in person, with driver's license and vehicle registration to discuss parking citations. Students cannot discuss parking citations on behalf of visitors.
    • Students are not considered visitors at any time and are therefore not eligible to obtain a visitor permit or to use visitor parking.

    Other Visitors

    • Other visitors to campus may park at the various locations marked for visitors on the campus map after obtaining a visitor permit for the vehicle.
  • Parking Permits

    The process for picking up your permit has been altered to provide for safe and effective social distancing.

    Please carefully read the following instructions for obtaining your parking permit.

    COMMUTER STUDENTS: Your parking permit(s) will be mailed to the home address that we have on file for you.

    RESIDENT STUDENTS: Your parking permit will be placed in your on-campus mail box.

    Students who will be parking a vehicle on campus will need to pre-register their vehicles in order to obtain a York College parking permit.

    ‌Log in to the College portal at and locate and click on the blue MyParking icon under Main Applications. 

    1. Enter your username, password, and ID number to log in to MyParking.
    2. Click on Apply for Permit,
      1. Select the appropriate parking permit application (be careful that you select the correct permit).
      2. Read your contract agreement and then select I Agree and click on the Next button.  If you select "I Do Not Agree" then you will not proceed any further.
      3. Enter your vehicle information and cell phone number into the appropriate fields and click on the Continue button.
      4. To continue, enter your credit card information.
      5. After a successful transaction, print your receipt and temporary parking permit using the printer icon on the webpage.
        DO NOT use the web browser to print the receipt, as it will not print correctly.

    Students may obtain their parking permit, during business hours, at the Campus Safety office.

    TermPermit on SaleResidentCommuterPick-up LocationPermit Valid Until:
    Fall 2020 July 6, 2020 $100 1st - $50
    2nd - $0
    Campus Safety Office

    August 15, 2021
    Spring 2021 Dec. 1, 2020 $50 1st - $25
    2nd - $0
    Campus Safety Office August 15, 2021
    Summer 2021 May 1, 2021 $25 $25 Campus Safety Office August 15, 2021


  • Parking for Summer Semesters

    New faculty, staff, and students who will be on campus for summer semesters are required to register their vehicles and obtain a parking permit.  Those who obtained a parking permit during the previous fall or spring semester are not required to obtain new permits for the summer, as those permits do not expired until August 20th

    Those students with resident permits are permitted to utilize commuter parking during the summer semesters.  All other traffic and parking regulations remain in effect.

  • Appeal of Parking Permit Eligibility Policy and Temporary Handicap Permits

    Because parking is a limited resource on campus, residential students residing on the main campus with less than 60 credits, as well as students residing on the north and west campuses, are not eligible for main campus parking. To appeal the parking permit eligibility policy, students must demonstrate both a compelling need for main campus parking and why their current eligibility will not meet their needs.

    How to submit an appeal

    1. Complete the Permit Appeal Form.
    2. Attach required supporting documentation.
      1. Class Schedule.
      2. Letter from employer, including work schedule.
      3. Other pertinent documents.
    3. Submit to Campus Safety for consideration.
    4. Submitting an appeal is not a guarantee that it will be granted!
  • Temporary Parking Permits for Students, Faculty, and Staff

    If you will have your vehicle on campus for a brief period of time, have a rental vehicle, or simply forgot your parking permit, you may receive a temporary parking permit to display on your vehicle.

    Answer some questions in the online application and obtain your temporary parking permit in your email.  Print and display on the dash of your vehicle. 

    • Temporary permits will not be issued for longer than a two-week period.
    • Temporary permits authorize the same parking privileges as a regular permit or what you would be entitled to obtain.
    • Temporary permits are not valid beyond the expiration date printed on the permit. 

    Due to social distancing policies, temporary permits will not be issued in-person.

  • Temporary Handicap Parking Permit

    Students needing temporary handicap parking due to a temporary physical difficulty must complete the Request for Temporary Handicap Parking application and have their physician complete the Physician's Statement. Once the form is complete, it should be returned to the Campus Safety office for processing. Requests for a temporary handicap permit may be denied if other options for parking exist.

    1. Complete the Request for Temporary Handicap Permit form.
    2. Have your physician complete the Physician's Statement on page 2.
    3. Submit to Campus Safety for consideration.
  • Break or Field-Trip Parking

    Need to leave your vehicle on campus during a break or for a school-sponsored field trip?

    Click here to sign up!

  • Event Parking

    During smaller-sized events, participants will be directed to specified parking prior to the event. Parking for larger events will be designated and controlled by officers stationed at various points on campus and near the designated parking area for the event. Visitors attending cultural series events, should use the various visitor parking areas on campus. After 5 p.m., visitors can also use the faculty/staff parking lots. 

    Athletic Events

    Spectators to athletic events should park in the appropriate parking lot for the event.

    • Baseball, softball, and tennis spectators should park in the parking bays adjacent to the softball field on the main campus.
    • Spectators of any sports activities at the Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center should park in the parking lot on the west side of the facility.
  • Driving On Campus

    Driving on Campus

    The operation of a motor vehicle at York College is a privilege and the College reserves the right to restrict, suspend, or revoke this privilege for just cause.

    It is the responsibility of the driver to comply with all Commonwealth of Pennsylvania traffic regulations, including licensing, registration, financial responsibility (insurance), traffic control devices, and vehicle operation.

    York College Campus Safety Officers are authorized by the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code (Title 75) to regulate and enforce all campus traffic rules and regulations. All vehicles driven on the College campus are subject to the rules and regulations of the campus as well as Pennsylvania State traffic laws and are to obey all traffic control devices.

    The speed limit on all campus roadways is 15 miles per hour. No person shall operate a vehicle at a greater speed than is reasonable and practical under existing conditions.

    All faculty, staff, students and visitors are to drive with caution and adhere to this speed limit. Drivers are required to obey all traffic signs, signals, devices and instructions from authorized persons directing traffic. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times. Anyone operating a motor vehicle contrary to these designations or in a negligent manner will be issued a traffic citation from the Department of Campus Safety. Any offense can result in a judicial hearing if the circumstances of the case warrant. The Department of Campus Safety has the discretion to revoke the privilege of anyone operating a motor vehicle on campus.

    Vehicle Accidents - If you are involved in a vehicle accident on campus and wish to file a report, you must do so promptly. Vehicles involved in minor accidents occurring in roadways may be moved so that traffic can flow unimpeded. Any vehicle accident involving injury or towing MUST be reported immediately. As per the PA Motor Vehicle Code, all accidents in which a person has been injured and/or an involved vehicle has to be towed from the scene, the appropriate police department MUST be called and a report must be completed. Please note that leaving the scene of an accident to which you are a part of is against the law in the State of Pennsylvania.

    Traffic Citations - Payment of traffic citations may be made online, by mail. or at the Business Office in the Miller Administration Building.  The citation should be included with payments by mail.  Checks should be made payable to York College of Pennsylvania and should include the student's name and the citation number.  Cash should never be sent through the mail.

    An unpaid citation considered to be ‘outstanding’ and treated as a delinquent bill.  Students will have transcripts withheld and will not be able to register for classes or obtain grades until the citations have been paid. 

    Citation Appeals - You may file an appeal to contest traffic or parking citation at the Campus Safety office.  The citation being appealed must first be paid within ten (10) business days from the date that the citation was issued.  Once this deadline has passed, appeals are not eligible for review and your right to appeal will be forfeited.

    The appellant should set forth reasons for contesting the citation on the appeal form.  The statement should include clear and convincing evidence.  Any supporting documentation or evidence (such as photographs, medical documentation, auto repair receipts, etc.) may be attached to further substantiate claims.

    Appeals are reviewed and resolved by the Ticket Appeals group of the Student Senate’s Operations and Security Committee.

    Appeals may be fully or partially granted or denied; any refunds due to a successful appeal will be credited to the student's account.  All decisions are mailed to the appellant and are final. 

  • Traffic and Parking Violation Fine Schedule


    Violation Description Fine Amount
    DUI/Impaired Driving *Jud. Ref
    Failure to Stop for Campus Safety Official or other Emergency Vehicle $75
    Reckless Driving $50
    Careless Driving $40
    Driving Vehicle at Unsafe Speed $35
    Disregarding Traffic Control Device $30
    Illegal Turn $30
    Other $25
    *Penalty for DUI/Impaired Driving will be determined during campus judicial process.


    Violation Description Fine Amount
    Warning: $0
    Improper Display of Permit $10
    Excessive Time in Time-Restricted Parking Space $15
    Occupying More than One Space $15
    Parking in a No Parking Zone or Restricted Area $15
    Parking in Roadway/Blocking Lane of Travel/Dumpster $15
    Parking Violation: Other $15
    Unauthorized Use of Permit $15
    Expired Parking Permit $20
    Habitual Violator $25
    Parking in Grumbacher Lot During Restricted Hours $25
    Parking on Grass $25
    Parking on Main Campus during Restricted Hours $25
    Parking in a Loading Zone or Dock $25
    Parking in Faculty/Staff Space $25
    Parking in Fire Lane $25
    Parking in Visitor Space $25
    Failure to Register Vehicle with York College $50
    Fraudulent/Altered Parking Permit $50
    Illegal Parking in Handicapped Space $50
    Parking in Violation of Weather Emergency $50
  • Skating, Skateboarding and Bicycling on Campus

    Stunt bikes, skates and skateboards may not be operated on campus roadways at any time.

    Skateboards, skates, and stunt bikes may only be used on campus sidewalks between the hours of 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

    Anyone found in violation of the skateboard or skating policy may receive a code of conduct citation which will result in a referral to the Office of Student Conduct.

    The use of bicycles on College roadways are subject to the same policies and laws regarding the operation of a motorized vehicle under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code (Title 75).

    All bicycles are required to be registered with Campus Safety. Faculty, staff, and students will be provided with a decal (at no charge) which must be affixed to the bicycle.  Unregistered bicycles found on campus are subject to being seized by Campus Safety.  

    Any bicycles unclaimed after 3 months will be considered to be abandoned and will be destroyed or donated.

    Bicycles are to be parked in bike racks only.  Fastening bicycles to trees, signs, or any other objects is prohibited and may be removed.

    Anyone operating a bicycle contrary to the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code or in a negligent manner may be issued a traffic citation from Campus Safety.  Any offense can result in a judicial hearing if the circumstances of the case warrant.

    All individuals operating bicycles, skates, and skateboards on campus are expected to use the equipment in a manner which is appropriate and considerate of others.

    It is recommended that the operator of bicycles, skates and skateboards wear the appropriate manufactured-suggested safety equipment while using the equipment on campus.  

  • Hoverboards on Campus

    Hoverboards are not permitted in any campus buildings, including residence halls, and their use on campus roadways, sidewalks, parking lots and fields is prohibited. The term "hoverboard" includes, but is not limited to, self-balancing scooters, battery-operated scooters, hands-free Segways, and electric-powered skateboards.

  • Parking on Campus during Weather Emergency

    Snow Emergencies and Storm Alert

    When a snow emergency is declared at York College, all parallel and perpendicular roadway parking is prohibited.  Persons with vehicles parked on campus should tune in to the College Cable TV channel 7, College Radio Stations AM 640 and FM 99.7, or observe the signs that will be placed in building lobbies.  Notices will also be published under Campus Announcements of the college portal and as an email message.  During a snow emergency, overnight parking is only permitted in the lower level of the parking garage by residents with a Main Campus permit.  Certain areas will be closed at different times to allow for proper snow removal.  Vehicle owners will be informed as to the specific locations.

    Vehicles that violate this policy will receive a $50 fine and will be towed to another area of the campus.  The vehicle owner will also be responsible for all towing charges.

    Flood Zone

    The first three (3) parking bays on the western side of the commuter parking bays on Main Campus are prone to flooding during heavy rains; refer to the parking map issued with this document. Faculty, staff, and students should pay attention to weather conditions and choose alternate commuter parking when the potential for flooding exists.  Parking is at your own risk. The College is not responsible for any damage due to flooding. 

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