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Emergency Alert System

  • What is the Emergency Alert System?

    York College's Emergency Alert System is an instant, mass notification system that enables students and members of the faculty and professional staff to receive emergency alerts on cell and home phones and through text messages and email. This service is part of our strategy to enhance campus-wide communications during an emergency. Our goal is to increase safety on the York College campus.

    York College Emergency Alert will only be activated when there is an imminent threat to the campus community. In the unlikely event that a situation such as an active shooter or major weather emergency is occurring on the campus, the Emergency Alert System will be utilized in addition to other resources to alert the campus to the emergency and provide basic instructions on what to do. The Emergency Alert will not be used where a situation has occurred that poses no further threat to the campus community. The College will use other methods of communication to inform the campus of these occurrences.

    York College Emergency Alert is a completely voluntary service and is powered by the NTI Connect-ED system. No advertisements or non-emergency alerts will be sent to you. You must sign up for the service in order to receive alerts. And since this is a voluntary service, you may choose to opt-in or opt-out of the service at any time.

    About the System

    • You only have to register one time. Once you have an account, you can add message destinations to your account and change how you receive alerts
    • You are responsible for any messaging charges from your wireless service provider. York College is not responsible for any charges your service provider may charge for standard text message fees and/or roaming fees.
    • You will only receive messages for which you have registered
    • Your information is not shared with or sold to third parties
    • A test message will be sent once each semester to ensure the York College Emergency Alert system is working properly
  • How do I sign up or edit my information in the system?

    The process is simple and will allow you to enter up to six telephone numbers, two email addresses and one SMS text number for the purpose of receiving emergency alerts. Please read all instructions prior to entering your contact information.

    By clicking on the sign-up link below, you agree with the policies set forth in the Terms of Use and may begin entering your data. When completed, you will receive a confirmation email at your address and a confirmation text message from 23177, if you entered a valid phone number.

    Detailed Instructions

    You will need your 9-digit college ID number that begins with 90xxxxxxx and your email address. This information uniquely identifies you. Please make certain not to include the 10th digit of your ID which is the issue number on your ID card. Your email address is the complete address including ycp.edu (username@ycp.edu).

    Once authenticated you may enter your contact numbers. If our system does not recognize you, the following message will be received:

    Your sign in information does not match with our records, please re-enter again.

    If this message appears, please try again and if unsuccessful, call 717.815.1559 or email the Help Desk at ltshelp@ycp.edu.

    Once the data entry form appears, proceed to enter the contact information requested. It is only necessary to enter the telephone numbers where you wish to be contacted in case of emergency. Emergency voice messages will be delivered to these numbers even if an answering machine or voicemail answers. The SMS phone number only applies to cell phones that have SMS text capabilities and is optional. You will be charged for text messages according to your cell phone calling plan. All telephone carriers are supported. You may elect to enter a TTY phone number (teletypewriter for the deaf). The entering of email addresses is optional, however, your YCP email address is mandatory and will already be entered. You may log in again at a later time to update your information if anything changes.

    About your York College Emergency Alert Account:

    • It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up to date.
    • Once registered, you may opt out using your cell phone. Text message to 23177 'stop ycp.' You may opt-in again by text messaging 'subscribe ycp' to 23177.
    • Your account will remain activated while you are continuously enrolled in classes. You can verify your status by re-visiting the above portal URL. York College will delete your account within one semester of either graduation or not having any classes scheduled. The following schedule will determine when the accounts are deleted:
      • May graduates and August graduates: account deletion on February 1 of the following year
      • December graduates: account deletion on June 1 of the following year

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the LTS Help Desk. The LTS Help Desk is located in the Schmidt Library and available by telephone at 717.815.1559.


    York College offers the Emergency Alert System in accordance with the NTI Terms of Use (TOU). The College offers this service as a voluntary opt-in service for students and employees. Responsibility for entering contact information and the accuracy of contact information is the responsibility of the user entering the data and is not the responsibility of York College. There are no warranties or guarantees made as to the emergency alert information reaching the contact points entered by the user. There is no charge to the user for this service other than the cellular roaming or text message costs associated with delivering emergency messages to telephones. The Messaging Services facilitate the dissemination of messages via varying communication media. The user's primary recourse in the event of any actual or potential threat to person or property should be to contact First Responders such as, for example, purposes only, 911, fire, police, emergency medical, and public health. The Messaging Services are intended to augment First Responder services that have already been notified and deployed and are not designed for use in high risk activities or in any other situation where failure of the Messaging Services could lead to death, personal injury, or damage to property, or where other substantial damage could result if an error occurred. York College will use other forms of emergency notification to augment the NTI Group Connect-ED system.

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