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Online Educational Technology (PK-12) Certificate

Embrace digital innovations in education with our PDE-approved online educational technology certificate.

York College of Pennsylvania's Online Educational Technology (PK-12) Certificate program is an immersive, career-furthering program that readies education professionals to integrate innovative technologies in instructional design, curriculum development, and technology systems leadership.

Our 21-credit online certificate focuses on equipping you with a deep understanding of contemporary educational technology applications, technology-facilitated media design, and tech-oriented assessment. With this instructional technology certificate available entirely online, graduates stand out as proficient technology integrators, and those with active PDE Teaching Certificates gain eligibility for the PK-12 Instructional Technology Specialist Certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

York College's conveniently designed program encourages active class interaction while catering to the flexibility of your schedule. Begin your journey towards earning an educational technology certification and transforming your pedagogical approach today.

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About the Online Educational Technology Certificate leading to Specialist Certification

  • Key Courses

    EdTech Graduate Certificate Curriculum and Requirements

    The Educational Technology (PK-12) graduate certificate is available for professionals who already have a master’s degree and some background in teaching, training, or instructional design. If you are interested in gaining an edge in the job market, shifting into a more specialized role, or staying current with evolving pedagogical trends, the Educational Technology Certificate program features:

    • Seven courses totaling 21 credits
    • Opportunity for certification as an instructional or educational technologist in Pennsylvania
    • Validation of your ability to integrate technology into educational contexts, grounded by foundational and advanced theoretical learnings

    If you hold an active PDE teaching certificate but don’t have a master’s degree, we encourage you to explore our nationally-ranked online Master of Education in Educational Technology degree program also leading to Instructional Technology Specialist certification.

    Educational and Instructional Technology Courses

    The online courses in the Educational Technology graduate certificate program elevate your expertise in the core skills of the field and engage you to reality-test your learnings, even from a distance.

    The career-relevant courses you may take include:

    • MED 598: Education Innovation Studio
    • MED 620: Enhanced Technology Pedagogies
    • MED 622: Education Transformation and Change
    • MED 626: Teacher Leadership
    • MED 628: Educational Technology Systems Management

    Aid and Admissions

    Navigating the financial aspect of earning an Educational Technology certificate online can seem complex, but our dedicated team is ready to provide guidance. Depending on the number of credits being taken each semester, many of our graduate students are eligible for federal funding assistance.

    Reach out to the Financial Aid Office with any questions and review costs and tuition for graduate programs at York.

    To learn more about the enrollment process and necessary application materials, refer to our comprehensive admissions information for Graduate and Professional Programs.

    Pursue Instructional Technology Specialist Certification With York College of Pennsylvania’s Online Educational Technology Certificate

    York College of Pennsylvania's online Educational Technology (PK-12) certificate program prepares you to boost your career advancement and contribute to the ever-growing field of educational technology.

    Ready to take charge of the next step in your career through engaging and convenient online courses?

    Request information about the online instructional technology certificate or begin your application.

  • Career Opportunities & Benefits

    Pursue Instructional Technology Specialist Certification in PA

    In the Educational Technology certificate online program, you'll master both foundational and advanced skills in applying modern tech solutions in educational settings and managing technology systems. You'll also gain hands-on experience in research and practice, fulfilling the 20 hours of course-embedded fieldwork required by the PDE for the Instructional Technology Specialist Certification in Pennsylvania.

    Even if your goal isn't PDE certification, this graduate certificate still provides substantial value, enhancing your résumé with in-demand expertise that resonates with employers across any location or type of education and training. 

    Transform Your Career Trajectory with an Instructional Technology Certificate

    Whether you want to use technology to improve instructional design and pedagogical practice in your classroom, or hope to take a leadership role in the use of technology throughout your school or district, this certificate paves the way for exciting career possibilities in a wide array of specialties. 

    Learn the skills to take on projects that oversee technology initiatives and projects in educational settings, from coordinating tech upgrades to implementing new learning platforms. By earning an Educational Technology graduate certificate, you'll be well positioned for experiences as a teacher leader, instructional technologist, or educational technologist. You may find additional opportunities in areas like:

    • Teacher leadership
    • Instructional technology management
    • Instructional design
    • Learning analytics
    • Distance and online learning
    • VR and AR for education
    • Learning Management System (LMS) administration
    • Training and development

    Throughout your time in the Educational Technology certificate program, you'll have access to faculty mentors with professional experience as PK-12 educators. As you expand your network and grow your skill set, your professors will be available to offer guidance and provide feedback to help you excel in your chosen career.

  • Internships & Work Experience

    Design an Educational Technology Proposal

    The graduate certificate in Educational Technology directly prepares educators to take their next step in a field with rewarding career possibilities.

    In our innovation-focused studio course, you'll collaborate with fellow students to identify challenges and conceptualize innovative solutions for educational contexts. This valuable experience culminates in designing an Education Innovation Proposal that is ready for implementation, seamlessly blending motivation, design thinking, innovation, and student-centered pedagogy into a capstone project.

    Implement Your Coursework in a Field Internship or Research Practicum

    A supervised internship offers a practical, field-based opportunity to apply competencies acquired from the program and test your Education Innovation Proposal in real-world settings. This unique, hands-on experience aligns with the Instructional Technology Specialist Certification and Online Teaching Endorsement competencies, positioning you for success in the educational technology landscape.

  • Mentorship & Community

    Instructional Technology and Teacher Leadership Courses Taught by Expert Faculty

    This certificate signifies your ability to apply instructional technology, encompassing foundational concepts as well as sophisticated planning and implementation across PK-12 levels. As you work toward certificate completion, you'll learn firsthand from a distinguished group of faculty members with a wealth of classroom experience.

    Benefit from interactive online discussions and detailed feedback on your concepts and projects. Our experts, skilled in leveraging educational technology for pedagogical design and practice, offer valuable industry insights while mentoring your projects and practical experiences.

    Connect with Educational Tech Work Experiences and Employers

    Leverage York's deep-rooted connections with local educational institutions and employers. Our students, including those in the online certificate program, access a variety of internship opportunities in instructional technology and related fields, fostering an expansive professional network.

  • High-Demand Skills

    Demonstrate Advanced Training in Instructional Technology

    Whether you’re pursuing a career move into a specialist position within your institution or are seeking an advanced role as an instructional design professional or change-maker at the district level or beyond, the online Educational Technology Certificate will equip you as an educator with crucial skills for today’s live and digital classrooms.

    Prepare to succeed in a number of educational technology roles by developing key skills including:

    • Basics of instructional design theory and data assessment methods
    • Proficiency in integrating technology to boost curriculum and enhance student learning outcomes
    • Collaboration and communication abilities for working with a diverse range of professionals
    • Project management skills focused on planning and implementing technology programs

    Flexibility in projects and applied experiences means that this online certificate is fully tailorable to your needs and career aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the online graduate certificate in Educational Technology?

    If you take a full course load, the graduate certificate in Educational Technology certificate program will allow you to complete its 21 credits in as few as two to three semesters (or around one year). Alternatively, you may flex to fewer classes as your personal and professional obligations require. With year-round enrollment, you can start the program at a convenient time as you attend instructional technology and educational leadership courses entirely online.

  • What types of roles can I pursue after completing this certification program?

    With a graduate certificate in Educational Technology, educators who hold an initial PDE certification can go on to pursue the Instructional Technology Specialist Certification in Pennsylvania — a significant step in career advancement. This qualification enhances your prospects, paving the way for careers as an educational technologist, curriculum developer, or technology coordinator. In these capacities, you'll influence digital transformation in education, improving instructional design and pedagogical practice.

  • Is financial aid or scholarship support available for the Educational Technology certificate?

    Students who take a minimum amount of course credits may be eligible to apply for federal aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

    Review more information and contact Financial Aid Office staff for further assistance.

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