Spring on the York College campus

Emergency Call Boxes

The emergency call boxes located on campus are used for emergency purposes and put the caller in immediate contact with the Campus Safety dispatcher or supervisor on duty.
In case of emergencies (e.g. urgent maintenance, fire, etc.), the Department of Campus Safety and Facilities Services may need to enter a secured campus facility. Once the emergency is addressed, every reasonable effort will be made to contact the individual responsible for the area entered so as to advise him/her of the need to access their facility.
Campus Safety will email each department head or his/her designee once a year to request updated information relative to emergency contact information should Campus Safety need to contact someone in a specific department. Department heads are strongly encouraged to provide the Campus Safety Department with emergency notification information and to regularly update the information on file in the event contact needs to be made during emergencies.
Notification will be made to the department head or other person whose name is on file as an emergency contact for the department when emergency access to an area is required.