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Giving back to the community is a main component of the Eisenhart Scholarship program at York College

Eisenhart Scholars

Announcing a new York College scholarship program for students driven by a desire to serve the community

Funded by a generous gift to York College, the Eisenhart Community Scholars program awards up to five $5,000 scholarships to students who:

  • Want to work with a team of other students and faculty who are committed to benefitting the community;
  • Aim to lead by serving;
  • Have both experience with community engagement and a desire to further that work;
  • Are ready to engage with both the College and community toward creating significant and sustainable change to the betterment of the York community.

The Eisenhart Community Engagement Scholars Program educates, prepares, and inspires you to become agents of change in your communities and society. You'll be given mentored opportunities to study and develop genuine partnerships with local community agencies over the course of their time in the program. 

Supporting the College’s commitment to community engagement and outreach, and to fostering connections among the College, its students and faculty, and our community, the program encourages students to meet their educational goals while making a difference in the greater York community. 

The program will nurture students’ skills in management, community organizing, leadership, networking, fundraising, and other skills that can apply to whatever profession they choose.

Inspirational quotes that support the message of Eisenhart Scholars at York College
Will you work to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi's sage advice? Do you believe in our motto of service?
Ready to lead by serving? Apply to be a York College Eisenhart Scholar
Ready to lead by serving? Apply to be a York College Eisenhart Scholar.

Guidelines for applying

The Eisenhart Community Scholars Program is seeking individuals who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to becoming servant leaders and to bettering the communities in which we live. Because we’re looking for innovators who bring new ideas for improving our community, and because we’re putting together a team of individuals who can work well together, we’d like to get to know more about you. This application will allow us to do just that. So, relax and be yourself—show us who you are and what you believe. Please consider the following guidelines.
  • Applications are now closed for the 2020-2021 academic year. Check back with us in early 2021 if you are interested in applying for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • There are NO strict GPA or test score requirements. We’ll make decisions based upon your entire application, and will consider past community work as well as your future goals, teamwork, and more.
  • The Eisenhart Scholars team will review your application and may ask to speak with you. Decisions will be made by mid-March.
  • Plan on attending Accepted Student Day so you can meet other incoming Eisenhart Scholars.

Important information about our program Am I eligible to be an Eisenhart Scholar?

  • The program seeks motivated, energetic students IN ANY MAJOR who have demonstrated:
    • A commitment to the common good and to their community
    • The ability to work in teams as well as independently toward those aims
    • A desire to engage in co-curricular, community service/learning activities
    • The leadership experience to manage students in service projects and initiatives
    • Empathy toward diverse people and diverse situations;
    • Critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.
  • Each Eisenhart Scholar will:
    • Learn to be community leaders
    • Complete experiential learning courses and/or two community service-related internships selected in collaboration with your advisor
    • Complete a First-Year seminar that is dedicated to learning the principles of community service
    • Engage in at least 30 hours of community service projects per semester
    • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and show satisfactory academic progress to retain award
    • Develop a service portfolio that collects and reflects upon the impact of community-based work, and meet regularly with other Eisenhart Scholars
    • Represent the College and the community with distinction and respect.

    Scholarships will be awarded for not more than four years, and require active participation as noted above.

A Tribute to William S. "Bill" Eisenhart '29 Esq.

William S. "Bill" Eisenhart's passed away in February 2013, but it is clear that the community where he lived and worked for so many years will long hold him in very high esteem.

He was a graduate of York Collegiate Institute (which turned into York College), Princeton University, and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and he practiced law from 1940 until 2013.

He also served in the U.S. Army from 1941–1946, separating as a First Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, Special Agent, Counterintelligence Corps, assigned to the Hanford Engineering Works (Manhattan Project).

In a York Daily Record article, fellow attorney Bill Anstine recalled that Eisenhart was always unwavering about doing the right thing and said, "He'd be glad to share his knowledge with a younger attorney. He was not shy about imparting wisdom to others. He wanted things done right." Anstine added that Eisenhart was "very calm, polite, gracious, and knowledgeable."

Attorney Eisenhart was just as dedicated to the welfare of the York community as he was to helping his clients. He provided a bequest and established a trust in support of York College, which supports this scholars program.

Over the years, Attorney Eisenhart was actively involved with numerous local organizations, such as the former York County Academy, York Hospital, York YMCA and York YWCA, Children's Home of York, and York County SPCA. He held many leadership positions, including former council President of Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, club President of the Rotary Club of York, and President of the York County Community Foundation board. He is survived by his son, Christopher C. Eisenhart.

Contact Us
Eisenhart Scholars
Dominic DelliCarpini, Ph.D.
Dean, Center for Community Engagement
Humanities Center, Room 29
Phone: 717.815.1303
Contact for appt.

Cody Miller
Director of Service Initiatives
Campus: Humanities Center, Room 125
Downtown: Center for Community Engagement
59 E. Market St., York, PA 17401
Phone: 717.600.3812

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