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Center for Community Engagement building in downtown York

Spartan Volunteer Network

Get Involved. Make a Difference.

The Spartan Volunteer Network (SVN) connects York College students, educators, alum, and local community partners with resources and opportunities for meaningful community-based service.  

The task of an SVN volunteer is never to fix, solve, or save; instead, it is to support and amplify the work of community members and community partners in their efforts to strengthen their own communities. In doing so, we believe that volunteer engagement can help produce meaningful, equitable, and lasting difference.

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Spartan Serve Photograph
Students and President Gunter-Smith volunteering at Spartan Service Day

Volunteer Pathways

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Service categories
Serve on your own terms
Find the service that works for you
Select the service that works for you
Serve how is best for you
Types of Service
  • Spark series

    Spark series

    Spark projects are single-day, group-based events that take place at various local organizations throughout YCP's academic year. These projects are typically 2-5 hours long, and volunteer groups typically include 5-12 students. Spark Projects include the SpartanServe weekend of Service in the fall semester and the SpartanGreen Day of Service in the spring semester.

    YCP students, faculty, staff, and alumni can click the button below to sign up for Spark projects.

  • Changemaker series

    Changemaker series

    A Changemaker project involves a small team of student volunteers (or an individual volunteer) who partner with a local organization, and then volunteer with that organization in an ongoing capacity for 10-20 hours over the course of a semester (or multiple semesters). 

    YCP students, faculty, staff, and alumni can click the button below to sign up for Changemaker projects.

  • Flex series

    Flex series

    The SVN Flex series features opportunities with flexible volunteer scheduling available. Flex Series opportunities may be short-term, ongoing, or both. 

    YCP students, faculty, staff, and alumni can click the button below to sign up for Flex projects.

  • Community-based service learning

    Community-based service learning

    YCP educators can partner with local organizations to embed community-based service learning (CBSL) opportunities into their course curriculum. These partnerships vary in length, but will always feature specific service outcomes identified by the community partner, and specific learning outcomes identified by the faculty member. 

    Staff members from the Center for Community Engagement are available to make connections and provide support for YCP educators and community partners. Reach out to us at cce@ycp.edu.

Volunteer Leadership Pathways

  • Team Leaders

    Team Leaders are volunteer leaders who play a crucial role in the success of short-term and ongoing volunteer projects. As a leader, you'll work with team members, community partners, and SVN staff to make sure that their project is successful. Some general responsibilities of a TL may include:

  • Project Designers

    Project designers are student volunteers who collaborate with campus and community partners to develop new and innovative volunteer opportunities.


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  • Project Coordinators

    Project coordinators are student staff members in the Spartan Volunteer Network. They provide guidance, leadership, and behind-the-scenes logistical support for SVN volunteers.


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