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Online Master's in Educational Leadership

Earn a master’s in educational leadership completely online from York’s respected MEd programs.

Students in York College of Pennsylvania’s online Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree program learn the technical and practical knowledge necessary to skillfully lead thriving schools.

Whether you are beginning or advancing your career as a school leader, our flexible, affordable online master’s in Educational Leadership program facilitates live interaction with our expert faculty and provides support for students to intern in an administrative setting to solidify their practice and specialized knowledge.

This 33-credit master’s degree in Educational Leadership can take your career as an educator to the next level. Become a credentialed administrator in Pennsylvania and prepare to lead in educational settings across the country.

A teacher gives an elementary school student a high five as the child walks into the school building.

About the MEd in Educational Leadership

  • Key Courses

    Online Education Leadership Program Requirements

    York College’s engaging online master’s in Educational Leadership degree program prepares future principals, administrators, supervisors, coordinators, and teacher leaders in as few as two years.

    Hands-on field experiences and an administrative internship strengthen studies in pedagogical and organizational leadership, encouraging candidates to implement innovative new projects and leadership initiatives in their schools or districts while completing coursework at their convenience.

    Distinguish yourself as a highly effective leader in evidence-based and inclusive practice and foster connections with local educational key players with YCP’s flexible online MEd in Educational Leadership program. Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, this degree prepares students who pass the certification exam at the conclusion of their program to apply for the Principal PK-12 administrative certificate.

    Online Educational Leadership Certificate

    Depending on your needs, you may choose to pursue a 21-credit Educational Leadership Certificate alone to advance your teaching skills and enhance your career advancement opportunities as an educator.

    York’s online Educational Leadership certificate program, like the full Master of Education degree program, assists educators who want to apply for the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Principal PK-12 Administrative Certificate in a smaller number of graduate credits. MEd candidates may easily add the Educational Leadership Certificate to their online coursework to deepen their dedication to managing educational programs and organizations with excellence.

    Learn more about the Educational Leadership Certificate program.

    Online Educational Leadership Courses

    Students in the online master’s in educational leadership program explore research methods, organizational management, school finances, school supervision, and educational policy and law.

    Along with a one- or two-semester internship course, courses you may take include:

    • MED 550: Legal and Ethical Issues in Education for Administrators
    • MED 561: Introduction to Organizational Leadership
    • MED 562: Supervision of Instruction
    • MED 565: School Financial Management
    • MED 572: Supervision of Educational Personnel

    Engaged and Flexible Online Modality

    By offering an online-only format complemented by up to eight synchronous course meetings, our Master of Education program specializing in Educational Leadership provides the flexibility necessary to support busy students in their personal lives and professional careers.

    For an online program, the Educational Leadership master’s degree includes high degrees of participation, from the administrative internship to interactions with expert faculty. It’s designed to work at your preferred pace and can be completed in as few as 18 months with continuous full-time study.

    Earn an Online Master's Degree in Educational Leadership at York College of Pennsylvania

    Consider York College’s 100% online Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree program if you are a current educator who wants to make an impact on a greater number of students and become a principal.

    Request more information today to get started. Or, complete our free online application.

  • Career Opportunities & Benefits

    Online Master of Education Program Career Preparation

    York’s online Educational Leadership program leads to principal certification in Pennsylvania. This degree also prepares students to take on leadership positions in program or department administration, curriculum and instruction direction, and more.

    If you are interested in special education program leadership, primary or secondary education administration, or teacher leadership and development, the online MEd in Educational Leadership will help you develop critical strategic abilities, as well as leadership and management skills. The flexible online modality doesn’t sacrifice direct contact with local administrators, providing robust network-building that directly translates to career opportunities.

    Careers to pursue with a master’s degree in educational leadership include:

    • Assistant Principal
    • Principal
    • Curriculum Director/Supervisor
    • Department Leader
    • Special Education Supervisor
    • Instructional Supervisor

    Depending on local requirements, passing exams and special training may be required to complete certifications, beyond what is fulfilled by the master’s coursework. Students may also move into private industry or educational consulting.

    Prepare for Further Professional Development and Doctoral Programs

    MEd students apply real-world administrative experience and research skills to improve their classrooms and districts. These experiences equip graduates with a foundation for further education and development programs necessary for advanced education policy and academic careers.

    After graduating from the online Educational Leadership program, you may pursue doctoral degrees such as a Doctor of Education (EdD) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in research, policy, and more. Roles that may hire doctoral-trained education professionals include:

    • Education Researcher
    • Director of Educational Research
    • Curriculum Director
    • Chief Academic Officer
    • Dean of Education

    Outlook and Salary for Educational Leadership Careers

    The Master's in Educational Leadership is a stepping stone to increased career possibilities and competitive salary levels. Through coursework rooted in real-world experience and professional development, York students are empowered to take on new roles and heightened responsibilities in decision-making, upholding shareholder relationships, and financial management.

    York is in the heart of the mid-Atlantic region. This area spanning parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey is one of the metropolitan areas with the highest levels of employment of kindergarten through secondary education administrators, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS also projects growth in the employment of primary and secondary school principals by 5% from 2021 to 2031.

    The BLS provides annual salary data for careers in educational leadership, including:

    Salary levels for teachers, administrators, and teacher leaders depend on location, years of experience, and other factors. Whether you’re pursuing more competitive teacher and teacher leader salaries or increased job prospects in your district or beyond, an online master’s in Educational Leadership at YCP can return the most rewarding results for your investment.

    Gain PK-12 School Principal Certification in Pennsylvania

    Active teachers certified in Pennsylvania can be one step closer to fulfilling the qualifications to pursue a career as a principal upon completion of the MEd in Educational Leadership at York College.

    After graduating and passing the PRAXIS examination, students will be eligible to submit applications for the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Principal PK-12 Certification. Further requirements include a 3.0 graduate GPA and completion of the administrative internship.

    The program internship is part of the certification process, as well as the PRAXIS exam.

  • Internships & Work Experience

    Applied Administrative Internship

    The MEd in Educational Leadership internship experience at York College of Pennsylvania is designed to give students practical experience in creating and improving standard and innovative instructional systems, equitable learning environments, data-driven and results-centered institutional plans, and other aspects of educational leadership.

    Students have completed this engaging capstone internship in their home district, in cross-district interactions, and in settings conducive to their interests and goals. This required component can be completed in one or two in-field semesters, depending on your schedule and career obligations.

    Gain unrivaled pre-professional training in principalship and education administration in a supervised internship program aligned with Pennsylvania Department of Education standards. Faculty support students in taking advantage of meaningful internship experiences while maintaining a manageable schedule.

    Field Experience

    Before completing the educational leadership internship capstone, students encounter embedded field experience tasks throughout their online coursework, scaffolding learning from the virtual YCP classroom to authentic, real-world academic settings. This is how our Educational Leadership master’s candidates gain a comprehensive understanding of all moving parts in program and institution management, from finance to employee development.

  • Mentorship & Community

    Learn from Expert Faculty

    At York College of Pennsylvania, students have the unique opportunity to learn from professors who are respected and experienced administrators in the local educational community, creating unparalleled networking connections that are hard to find elsewhere. Throughout the online Educational Leadership program, every professor is dedicated to providing personalized attention and support to students, guiding students through coursework, one-on-one advice, and field experiences.

    Graduate Advisory Board

    Between time with your professors. class discussions, and administrative internships, you'll find that York’s online educational leadership degree program grants many spaces for facilitating productive discussions with professionals in school principalship and administration. 

    Another such space is the Graduate Advisory Board, made up of current and former Master of Education students. Educational Leadership students who join the board are tasked with advising program leadership on content and other facets of the program, as well as leading networking and collaboration opportunities.

    Tuition Benefits for Community Partners

    York College’s strong ties to the local educational community have generated a discounted graduate tuition program for employees of participating organizations and businesses. If you are unsure whether your employer participates in this tuition benefit program, please contact your Human Resources department or view a list of our participating tuition benefit program partners.

  • High-Demand Skills

    Learn Skills for Advance Educational Leadership Roles

    As students work toward their school principal certification in York’s Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree program, they also build strategic and professional skills fueling leadership careers in public or private education, educational support services, curriculum, higher education administration, corporate training, and consultation.

    Whether you are seeking advancement to principal, dean, or other administrative roles, or you want to maximize your leadership skills to benefit yourself and your colleagues, develop critical knowledge and skills that help all types of learners in your organization:

    • How to create, implement, and analyze strategies to address current trends and issues according to their organization’s mission and goals
    • Up-to-date curriculum design and assessment skills for ensuring educational technologies, curricula, and instruction are meeting local and national standards
    • Written, verbal, listening, and persuasion skills for goal-oriented communication with students, families, and colleagues
    • Budget, resource, and personnel management skills skills promoting a safe and efficient learning environment
    • Data analysis skills informing data-driven decisions about instruction, curriculum, finances, student outcomes, and human resources
    • Ethical and culturally responsive leadership, from creating inclusive learning environments to working professionally with diverse voices

    Specialized MEd Programs at York

    YCP offers a variety of online master’s in education degree programs beyond the field of educational leadership, all recognized as a Best Online Master’s in Education program by U.S. News & World Report.

    Our fully online, affordable MEd programs are each designed to broaden students’ career prospects for in-demand areas of the field, from curriculum and instruction to literacy and technology. Some lead to specialized certifications with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    Review all Graduate and Professional Studies program offerings, including online education certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is an educational leadership degree worth it?

    Students who are seeking career advancement to leadership roles in the field of education consider educational leadership master’s programs to be an investment in future earning potential. No matter your career goals, the professional development and personal growth of graduate studies can help you excel in your role and support your students and other teachers.

  • How do I apply for financial aid for a master’s degree in educational leadership program?

    To apply for financial aid, graduate students will need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Follow a similar process as you did as an undergraduate, providing information about income and student contribution, and upon admission to your master’s degree program, you’ll receive information about your eligibility for federal funding including grants, loans, and work-study programs.

    Along with applying for federal aid and locating outside scholarship sources, contact York College of Pennsylvania’s Financial Aid Office to learn about any further aid programs available to you.

  • How does an educational leadership degree differ from other graduate degrees in education?

    Many graduate education programs focus on elevating general curriculum and instruction skills, but educational leadership degrees cover areas key to the management of educational organizations and prepare graduates for roles leading schools, districts, and learning institutions.

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