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Healthcare Administration

A career in healthcare can extend far beyond the clinical environment.

The field of healthcare has plenty of career opportunities, and they don’t all require a degree in medicine. Professionals in healthcare administration support both patients and providers every day by keeping medical services running smoothly. 

With a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration from York College, you can make a real difference in the lives of others. Even better, you can personalize your college experience to help you enter the field in a role where you’ll excel.

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Majoring in Healthcare Administration

  • Key Courses

    Key Courses

    The healthcare administration major offers a wide variety of required classes, electives, and real-world learning opportunities. These include:

    • BHA 310: Public Health Administration
    • PS357 Health Law and Policy
    • NUR 201: Human Development and Health Care
    • PHL 346: Bioethics
    • BUS 150: Introduction to Business
  • Career Opportunities

    Career Opportunities

    No matter your interests, York College’s experienced faculty will guide you toward real-world opportunities that allow you to build a strong professional network in your desired area of expertise. 

    These are just a few of the many career opportunities available to graduates of the healthcare administration program:

    • Medical Practice Manager
    • Health Insurance Specialist
    • Social Service Manager
    • Community Service Manager
    • Nursing Home Administrator
    • Hospital Administrator
  • Internships & Capstone Project

    Internships & Capstone Project

    As part of their final capstone, all healthcare administration students will have the opportunity to pursue an internship or other project-based learning experience with one of our local partner organizations. 

    This final capstone allows students to apply in-class lessons to real-world professional practice, showcasing skills in healthcare decision-making, collaboration, evidence-based management practices, patient satisfaction, and fiscally sound operations.

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