Spring on the York College campus

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Why is Visiting Colleges Important?
The campus visit is one of the most informative parts of your college search. Just think: Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive? Visiting a school you're interested in is a lot like taking that new car for a ride around the block.
The Art of Persistence
Hailey Kehoe ‘24 overcame a severe brain hemorrhage, multiple surgeries, and learning to walk again. Now, she’s planning to give back with a career in art therapy.
Parents and College Students: Building a Partnership that Works for Everyone
Starting college means taking on new challenges that you’ve prepared your entire life for. This is your opportunity to become more independent, set your goals, and start building your future. However, taking on this new-found independence does not mean leaving your parents behind as you move into the next phase of your life.
The Real Deal: Where to Get Money for College
Getting money to help cover college costs can help you minimize your monetary investment while still maximizing the investment you’re making in your future. After all, college really is an investment in YOU. So, get ready, because we’re going to dive deep into finances as we walk you through how to get the “big bucks” and afford your college education.
Choosing the Right College – In 5 Simple Steps
Whether you’re a high school senior counting down the days to graduation or a sophomore just beginning to explore your options, it’s never too late or early to begin planning for the future. This is the time to really start digging deeper into what makes a college the perfect fit for you.
What Are Nursing Clinicals?
As you research colleges for nursing and nursing programs, one of the terms you’re bound to come across is "clinicals" — and a good clinical experience can have a huge impact on the value of your nursing education. So what ARE clinicals, anyway?
Applying to College: The Application Packet
Now that you’ve decided where to apply, it’s time to get the application in order! An application for admission is broken into two general parts: the application itself and the additional information.
As a Spartan: Favorite YCP Memories
As we prepare for the pomp and circumstance of the Class of 2020’s big day, we posed a simple question to @YorkCollegePA’s Instagram Stories audience: What is your favorite YCP memory? We heard from this semester’s graduates, YCP alumni, and even a future Spartan—and in many ways, their answers told the story of our Spartan family.