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Students must acquire current (less than one-year-old) clearances, showing no record, in order to apply for PPES and conduct any field experience (including student teaching).  Each student must submit copies of these clearances to the Department of Education Office (LS134) and their placement school. Additionally, students must retain the originals for their own files. More information about clearance requirements and how to obtain them can be found on this webpage.


Three required clearances

  • Three Required Clearance Form (Links Included)

    Three Required Clearances

    It is the student’s responsibility to access the above websites and complete all 3 Clearance Check Processes.  This must be done in a timely fashion, as it could take up to 12 weeks for the student to receive their clearances.  PPES approval and field experience (including student teaching) cannot proceed unless these clearances are on file in the Department of Education Office, LS134. The cost and mailing of the applications are the student's responsibility. 

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