A professor speaks to a group of students sitting in the film viewing room with black and white film on the screen over his shoulder.
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School of the Arts, Communication and Global Studies

Start expressing your creativity, exploring history or developing writing and critical thinking skills. Explore how the School of the Arts, Communication and Global studies can provide you with a high-quality education that emphasizes practical application.

Developing leaders with diverse knowledge and expertise, to be ready for an ever-changing world.

Art, Communication and Global Studies Programs

Giving you hands-on experience
Stock photo of film reel.
Film and Media Arts
Love movies? Want to learn more about them, including how to make your own? Look no further.
Professor Clay-Robison demonstrates a technique to fine art students at York College
Fine Art
Challenging. Fulfilling. Boundless. Use a degree in fine arts to explore your potential as a professional artist.
Graphic Design Typography with Logo
Graphic Design
Are you fascinated by design? Do you appreciate or strive to create visual statements? Whether your goal is to work in print or digital media, York College's Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in graphic design may be the right fit for you.
History professor Peter Levy with York College students
Study the past to understand the future. History majors are among the best at analyzing, critical thinking, and seeing connections — all valuable job skills.
Hospitality management student checks couple in at the hotel front desk.
Hospitality Management
York College's location in the heart of Pennsylvania's tourist area sets our innovative Hospitality Management major apart.
Intelligence analysis majors get to study how surveillance and data analysis affects national security
Intelligence Analysis: Regional and Global Studies
Dive into the growing field of intelligence analysis, where international relations, foreign policy, and national security intertwine.
Postcards from around the world near the International Relations program at York College
International Relations
Taking on the idea of globalization head on, with life-changing study abroad experiences at your fingertips.
English degree at York College
Literary and Textual Studies
Analyze. Critique. Explore. Create. At York College, English majors experience our written and spoken language from all angles.
A tour of WVYC radio station at York College
Mass Communication
If you like learning by doing — getting on air, producing segments, writing news copy— you’ve found the right place.
The mixing board located inside YCP studios on campus.
Master of Arts in Music Industry Studies
Accelerate your career in the global music industry.
Integrated Marketing Communications
Master of Public Policy and Administration
Educating tomorrow’s policy leaders today!
Biology Student
Medical Humanities
What's the meaning behind medicine? That question is at the core of the medical humanities program.
The mixing board located inside YCP studios on campus.
Music, B.S. (with Studies in Music Industry & Recording Technology)
Music production, business, and promotion at your fingertips, from working on a student record company to multi-track audio production technique.
French Horn played during a York College music concert
Accelerate your passion for music. Challenge yourself through strong music studies emphasizing performance, within the context of a liberal arts curriculum.
The mixing board located inside YCP studios on campus.
Music Production & Entrepreneurship
Prepare to work in the fast-paced world of publishing, recording and concert industries.
York College Philosophy degree
Anyone can ask “Why?” But philosophy majors can respond with clear viewpoints, sound arguments, plus the ability to handle complex decision-making. It’s no wonder employers seek out philosophy graduates.
York College Philosophy degree
Philosophy and Business
Combine an interest in business with complex decision-making in the philosophy and business program.
State Rep. Seth Grove talks with York College political science and public relations students in 2014
Political Science
A foundation for informed citizenship and political literacy. A platform for advancing your career — no matter where you want to take it.
Professional writing degree at York College
Professional Writing
Aspiring writers who want to put writing skills to work
History professor Peter Levy with York College students
Public History
Discover how the past engages and connects the public today.
Stock photo of the Spanish flag flying.
Spanish Business
If you’re looking for a way to propel your business career to the next level and excel in markets worldwide, look no further.
Stock photo of the Spanish flag flying.
Alcanza un nivel alto de proficiencia, tanto en el idioma español como en la cultura hispana.
Fall morning on main campus
Technical Communication and Writing
Be a part of tomorrow’s scientific and technical world!
Mr. Burns
Perform, direct, design and more in a blended theatre program.
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