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Female professor stops at students desk to discuss his work.
Make a difference in the lives of others

School of Behavioral Sciences and Education

Be a part of a program that values getting you in the classroom and the community early and often. Our students receive individualized attention by expert faculty, extensive real-world experience, and much more.

Developing educators, researchers, and industry professionals

Behavioral Sciences and Education Programs

Giving you hands-on experience
The York College Criminology and Criminal Justice degree puts you on a path to become a police officer or a variety of crime and law careers.
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Be a resourceful, technology-savvy problem solver with a strong understanding of how people think. It’s an attractive combination to enter a career in law enforcement, the judicial system, or corrections.
Early Elementary Education (PreK-4)
Shaping the future with compassionate, knowledgeable teachers — we approach teaching you the same way we want you to approach teaching elementary students.
Student teaching is a core part of the curriculum as an early elementary education/special education major at York College.
Early Elementary/Special Education
A teacher who can help young students flourish — especially those with special needs.
Behavioral Sciences chair Mary Ligon,a  gerontologist, works with seniors and York students on an iPad project.
Human Services
If helping others is at the core of everything you want out of a career, a degree in human services is the perfect choice - and at York College, you'll get your chance to help people early and often.
Middle level education degree at York College of Pennsylvania
Middle Level Education
Specialize in one of four content areas in this major for future teachers in grades 4-8
Middle Level/Special Education degree at York College of Pennsylvania
Middle Level Education/Special Education
Pushing growing middle school students to excel, including those with special needs.
General Music Education majors can go on to teach K-12 music classes, conduct student choirs and bands, and more.
Music Education (K-12)
Help the next generation fall in love with music just like you did, with student teaching experience and a full range of vocal, instrumental, and general music knowledge at your disposal.
York College psychology students volunteering in the community.
Prepare for a career in helping others by studying human behavior and thinking. Take advantage of intensive study in a program that emphasizes student-driven research.
The Spartapalooza crew showing off the sign for the 2015 event, hosted by recreation and leisure students.
Recreation Leadership
Helping individuals, families and organizations make the most of time away from work
Get a solid foundation in biology to go with extensive classroom teaching experience as a secondary education biology major.
Secondary Education (7-12), Biology
Get active right away in a major that explores science as a student and as an educator.
Secondary Education English degree at York College
Secondary Education (7-12), English
Be a transformative force in the life of adolescent writers
Hands-on class activity in a York College science lab
Secondary Education (7-12), General Science
Get active right away in a major that explores science as a student and as an educator.
Secondary Education Math degree at York College of Pennsylvania
Secondary Education (7-12), Mathematics
The partnership of a strong teaching technique base with a thorough knowledge of mathematics theory.
Secondary Education Social Studies degree at York College
Secondary Education (7-12), Social Studies
Challenge yourself to think on a global scale — and have your students do likewise.
Sociology degree at York College of Pennsylvania
Discover how social forces shape human behavior — and how you can turn that commitment to understand the challenges of society into a career helping others.
Spanish education at York College of Pennsylvania
Spanish Education (K-12)
Vive inmerso en la cultura hispana mientras te preparas para una carrera como maestro de español
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School of Behavioral Sciences and Education
Stacey N. Dammann, Ed.D., Dean
Appell Life Science, Room 138, Suite 140
Phone: 717.815.6476
8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.

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