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Spring on the York College campus

School of Behavioral Sciences and Education

Be a part of programs that value getting you in the classroom and the community early and often.

Explore how the School of Behavioral Sciences and Education prepares you for a meaningful career in the classroom and helping others.

Whether you are interested in a Behavioral Science program like Human Services or an Education program, the community is your classroom as a student at York College. You'll see first-hand how you can positively impact the community through research, service projects, field experiences, internships and student teaching. 

Inside the classroom? You'll be led by professors with doctorates and published research to their credit. Close faculty-student relationships are at the core of our programs. Combined with the hands-on experience and caring faculty, you'll feel well-prepared to enter the workforce or enroll in graduate school and make a difference.


Adult meeting with child during an office visit.

Student Opportunities and Experiences

Behavioral Science faculty invite students to collaborate on faculty-initiated research projects and welcome student-initiated collaborations as well. The Behavioral Sciences majors will prepare you to conduct research, analyze data, and disseminate findings.
Human Services students at York College work on a gerontology project helping seniors with iPads.
Projects in the Community
Get paired with an older adult to help share their story. Help analyze crime data. Present at a conference. Give back to the community. We give you ample opportunity to learn through collaboration and by sharing what you knows with professionals in the field.
Behavioral Sciences awards are handed out by the department to honor top students.
Departmental Honors
We recognize outstanding work with departmental awards. These are selected by faculty every semester to honor students who have shown excellence in their academics and in service to the department, the college and the community.
Contact Us
School of Behavioral Sciences and Education
Stacey N. Dammann, Ed.D., Dean, School of Behavioral Sciences and Education
Appell Life Science, Room 138
Phone: 717.815.6476
8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.

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