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Back on Track

Helping you rebound from academic probation and land in good academic standing

Back on Track is an Academic Advising Center-sponsored program that is designed to help students who are on academic probation (students whose cumulative GPA has fallen below 2.0). A student in Back on Track works one-on-one with a professional mentor to identify obstacles, challenges, or deficiencies that interfered with his/her success.

Together, the mentor and student develop a personalized academic plan to address factors hindering success and to work toward good academic standing. With the assistance of the student’s academic advisor, the Back on Track mentor provides continued support and personalized guidance to the student throughout his/her participation in the program. Students on academic probation are limited to 13 credits per semester and are required to participate in Back on Track.

Back on Track

Requirements for Back on TrackFive steps to academic success

With the help of a mentor, a committed, motivated student identifies obstacles and develops a plan
  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Meet with a mentor as the semester begins (during the add/drop period)

    • Mentors may suggest revisions to the student’s course schedule to facilitate his/her achievement of good academic standing.
    • Back on Track mentors calculate the semester GPA a student must achieve to raise the cumulative GPA to 2.0, which establishes a goal for the semester.
    • The most efficient way to meet that goal is to repeat courses in which a student earned grades of 0 or 1. If the student’s performance improves in the repeated course, only the higher grade is included in the cumulative GPA calculation.
  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Identify obstacles and resources

    • The Back on Track mentor helps the student identify factors contributing to his/her academic difficulties.
    • Mentors inform the student of various campus resources that can assist in overcoming those obstacles, such as the Center for Teaching and Learning, Career Development Center, and Counseling Services.
  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Develop a Plan for Academic Success

    • Based on the results of steps 1 and 2, the student and mentor collaboratively develop a Plan for Academic Success.
    • The Plan is a list of strategies and tools the student will use to maximize his/her chances of academic success.
    • The Student is responsible for implementing the Plan, and the Back on Track mentor continues to provide guidance and support.
  • Step 4

    Step 4

     Implement Plan for Academic Success and follow up with Back on Track mentor

    • The student will put the Plan into action by utilizing the identified strategies and tools throughout the semester.
    • The student will continue to work with the mentor to monitor progress. 
  • Step 5

    Step 5

    Attend a mid-semester meeting with a Back on Track mentor

    • At mid-semester, the student “checks in” with his/her mentor. This meeting is well-timed because it coincides with the period during which students may receive warning grades. 

FAQ about Academic Probation and Back on Track

  • What is Academic Probation?

    A student is placed on academic probation if his/her cumulative GPA is less than 2.0. Academic probation is a warning to students who have low grades. The academic performance of all students, full- and part-time, is reviewed at the conclusion of each semester. 

  • How will I know if I’m on Academic Probation?

    You will receive a letter from the Dean of Academic Affairs if you’ve been placed on academic probation, and your academic standing will be listed on your transcript. You will also be contacted by a mentor from the Back on Track program to schedule an initial appointment to discuss your academic situation.

  • What happens if I am placed on Academic Probation?

    If you are placed on academic probation, you may continue your full-time enrollment at York College. You will be limited to a maximum of 13 credit hours while on probation and will be required to participate in an academic support program called Back on Track. You will have two semesters to attain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and get back to good academic standing.

  • I didn’t fail any classes, so why was I placed on Academic Probation?

    If you received a grade of “1” in one or more of your courses, it’s possible that your cumulative GPA could fall below a 2.0. 

  • How do I return to Good Academic Standing?

    To be in good academic standing, you must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA. A Back on Track mentor will work with you to determine the target semester GPA needed to raise your cumulative GPA to a 2.0.

  • Should I retake any classes that I failed?

    If you received a “0” or “1” in any of your classes, it may be a good idea to retake those classes to recover your GPA. If your performance improves in your repeated course, only the higher grade is included in your cumulative GPA calculation. Your Back on Track mentor will guide you on what classes, if any, should be retaken. 

  • What happens if I don’t return to Good Academic Standing within one semester?

    If you fail to return to good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0) within the first semester on academic probation, you will remain on academic probation during the next semester and will continue in the Back on Track program.  

  • What happens if I don’t return to Good Academic Standing within two semesters?

    If you fail to return to good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0) within two semesters, you will be placed on academic suspension. 

  • What is Academic Suspension?

    If students fail to return to good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0) within two semesters, they will be placed on academic suspension. When students are placed on academic suspension, they are prohibited from enrolling in any course at York College for one full year. 

  • If I’m placed on Academic Suspension, does that mean I’m “kicked out” of York College?

    When you are on academic suspension, you can apply for readmission to the College at the end of your one-year suspension. If you are readmitted, you will be on academic probation with a maximum limit of 13 credits and will be required to participate in the Back on Track program when you return. You will then have two semesters to attain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. If you do not attain a cumulative 2.0 GPA within two semesters, you will be dismissed from the College.

  • Does being on Academic Probation impact my financial aid?

    Yes, it’s possible. If you receive financial aid (federal, state or York College funds), you must be in good academic standing as defined by The Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. Contact the Financial Aid Office for specific questions regarding your financial aid eligibility while on Academic Probation. 

  • Can I still participate in athletics or extracurricular activities while on Academic Probation?

    If you are a student-athlete participating in one of the school’s NCAA teams, your academic eligibility will be certified each semester. You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 to participate as a student-athlete. Therefore, if you are on academic probation, you are ineligible. If you are ineligible at the beginning of the academic year, you may become eligible for the spring semester if you attain a 2.0 cumulative GPA upon completion of the fall semester.

    Some extracurricular activities on campus may also have eligibility requirements for you to participate. Contact the specific club or organization directly for their policy. 

  • Should I change my major if I’m on Academic Probation?

    If you have been unsuccessful in one or more of the courses in your major, you should possibly reevaluate your academic goals. If you struggled in an introductory level course within your major, it may indicate that you should explore other options. This is not always the case however. If you struggled because of other factors, then a change of major is not always recommended. Talk to your academic advisor or Back on Track mentor about this.

  • What will I need to do for the Back on Track program?

    Refer to the Requirements section above for the steps you will need to complete as part of the Back on Track program. 

  • What is a Back on Track mentor?

    A Back on Track mentor will be assigned to you before the beginning of the semester that you are on academic probation. All mentors are professional advisors at York College, and they will assist you in completing the steps of the program and offer support and guidance in your effort to return to good academic standing. 

  • I have a question about Academic Probation or Back on Track not answered on this page. Who should I contact?

    If you have additional questions or have a question specific to your situation, please contact the Academic Advising Center, Campbell Hall 200, at 717.815.1531 or by email at academicadvising@ycp.edu.