Student Success

Student Success goes well beyond study help (although we do that, too!). We're everything you need to help reach your academic potential.

A York College Education is so Much More Than Just a Classroom Experience.

Our Student Success Division works tirelessly to help you grow both intellectually and personally. Mentors make sure you stay on track, whether it’s choosing a major, polishing your professional skills, or planning your life after graduation.

Not sure what service you need? Browse through the options below. We have someone on campus who can help address your specific academic need, from choosing a major to landing an internship.

Student Success Staff

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Joshua Landau
Joshua Landau, Ph.D.
Associate Provost, Student Success Division
Student Success
Lynda Garner
Lynda Garner
Testing Accommodations Coordinator
Student Accessibility Services
Kia Kuresman
Kia Kuresman
Director, Academic Advising
Academic Advising Center