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A student is writing in their notebook in the Humanities second floor lounge area

Your voice matters.

Writing essays, designing websites, giving presentations — college students from all majors are constantly composing. These forms of writing are all vital ways in which students can learn, share what they've learned, and develop their communication skills as future professionals.

The Writing and Communication Studio supports how all forms of writing and communication are taught and learned at York College. We seek to provide space, services, and programming to cultivate a community of writers across the campus, and work to encourage both students and tutors to continually grow as communicators.

Support Options

The Writing and Communication Studio offers a quiet space to work, as well as workshops, individual consultations for student works-in-progress, and three types of writing tutoring sessions.

We believe that everyone benefits from talking to someone about their composing. Our highly trained staff can help with:

  • Generating ideas
  • Organizing your draft
  • Revising based on instructor feedback
  • Refining sentences and editing for clarity
  • Editing a visual design
  • Properly formatting citations
  • Providing other feedback you need.

Tutors don’t do your writing or editing for you. Rather, they work alongside you to help you create the best composition you can. We’re here to coach you, and we hope you will be able to use what you learn with us in your future communication.

In-person tutoring takes place in HUM 11. Appointments are 30 or 60 minutes.

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Zoom Tutoring

In addition to in-person tutoring, you have the option to attend a virtual meeting with a tutor to discuss your projects or assignments.

For an effective Zoom session, make sure you:

  • Upload your draft or share a Google document of your assignment and assignment prompt before your appointment
  • Have a reliable internet connection
  • Are located somewhere quiet
  • Have a device with a microphone and, if possible, a camera.

Appointments are 30 or 60 minutes. 

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Drop-Off Essay Review

Our Drop-Off Essay Review service allows you to upload a copy of an assignment and receive feedback from a tutor to help you revise. Just like our in-person services, Drop-Off Essay Review is not an editing service, so tutors will not correct your paper. Instead, they will provide questions and suggestions to help you make changes to your own writing.

For Drop-Off Essay Review:

  • You will upload a copy of your draft AND your assignment sheet on your appointment form. 
  • By 9 p.m. the day of your appointment, you will receive an email with feedback from the tutor. 
  • You can access this feedback any time after it is returned by viewing your appointment on Spartan Learning Services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing! Tutoring is included as part of your tuition.

Students can have up to one in-person or Zoom appointment per day with a Writing Tutor and up to three Drop-Off Essay Review appointments per week.

In-person appointments take place in the Writing and Communication Studio, which is located in Room 11 on the lower level of the Humanities Center.

All writing tutors are also available via Zoom.

You can choose to make a 30- or 60-minute appointment.

30-minute appointments are great for:

  • Understanding an assignment and initial brainstorming
  • Developing a thesis
  • Getting help with proofreading
  • Citation help
  • Shorter assignments of four pages or less

60-minute appointments are great for: 

  • In-depth brainstorming and planning
  • Working on organization and idea development
  • Longer assignments of five or more pages (For assignments longer than 8-10 pages, you may not be able to review the entire document within a single session.)

While we do accept walk-ins if a tutor is available, we recommend making an appointment to guarantee you will be able to work with a tutor. You can make an appointment through Spartan Learning Services.

You can modify or cancel your appointment at any time by logging into Spartan Learning Services, going to your appointment, and clicking either the blue “Edit Appointment” button or the red “Cancel Appointment” button.

No! Tutors can work with you at any stage of the process, from getting started and brainstorming to final editing and proofreading.

Bring any materials related to the specific assignment you are working on, including the assignment prompt, notes, feedback from peers or the professor, and your draft. You can bring hard-copy or electronic copies of materials.

There are computers available in the Writing and Communication Studio that you can use during your appointment to view electronic materials.

You will receive feedback by 9 p.m. on the day of your appointment. Look for an email notification with a copy of the tutor’s feedback.

Additionally, you can access the tutor’s feedback at any time once it’s been submitted by going back to your appointment in Spartan Learning Services. For assignments longer than 8-10 pages, a tutor may not be able to review the entire document within a single session. 

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