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Spring on the York College campus


Study the past to understand the future. History majors are among the best at analyzing, critical thinking, and seeing connections — all valuable job skills.

Who are we? Where are we heading? A knowledge of the past provides us with clues on those crucial questions of life. Want to be a politician, corporate president, lawyer, judge, journalist, or professor? The logical starting point is being a history major, full of useful skill-building.

These skills include writing and presenting information; analyzing ideas, data and information; examining evidence including documents, texts and interviews; and seeing connections and making decisions and reflective judgments. What employer would gloss over those invaluable abilities? Beyond that, you’ll grow as a person, one who better understands the world we live in and how we got here.

History professor Peter Levy with York College students
History Political Science Awards 2015 at York College

Your future in History

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But your future is bright as a history major at York College. The history major is solid preparation for graduate school, as well as careers in everything from law and finance to politics and business. Our graduates work for the Birmingham Public Library, the Census Bureau, High Point University, the Internal Revenue Service, the Pennsylvania Heritage Society and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

Program Requirements

Required Courses and Degree Requirements for Graduation
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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

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