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Meet Megan Schoettler

2022 Plenary Speaker

This year’s speaker represents the work of undergraduate research in our field both personally and professionally, and this role creates for her something of a coming home. Megan Schoettler is an alumna of York College of Pennsylvania, where she pioneered with us both the growth of undergraduate research at our institution and the development of the inaugural Naylor Workshop. In spring 2022, Megan will earn her Ph.D. from Miami University and she has accepted a position as Assistant Professor at West Chester University. In her talk, she will describe the trajectory of her research, beginning from her undergraduate research at York College to her dissertation research on the rhetorical strategies of feminist activists and advocates, with the goal of helping current undergraduate researchers envision their own paths. Megan is also the co-author of Chapter Four of The Naylor Report on Undergraduate Research in Writing Studies, “Circulation: Undergraduate Research as Consequential Publicness."

Megan Schoettler, 2022 Naylor Workshop Plenary Speaker
Megan Schoettler, 2022 Plenary Speaker
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