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Hope Scholars

Engagement and Equity through Education

The Hope Scholars treat their own educational opportunities as a privilege that they wish to share with others. Their mission is to provide both hope and tools to achieve rich lives to vulnerable populations held back by poverty and other inequities. They are committed to building better communities, with a special focus on providing equitable educational opportunities to the youth of York.

Hope Scholars are also part of a larger network of campus and community leaders called the Engaged Scholars—an honors community that brings together a wide range of students to take on real-world projects, to solve key community problems, and to enhance their own education through hands-on experiences.

Our Scholars share many attributes:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit—the ability to get things done through creative thinking and innovation skills;
  • A belief that we learn best by doing, not just through classroom learning;
  • A belief in teamwork and collaboration;
  • A commitment to the value of serving one’s community toward transformative change; 
  • Leadership skills and empathy to achieve that change; and
  • An understanding of the positive value we achieve in our personal lives and careers when we serve others.
York Opportunity Scholars

Access Unique OpportunitiesProgram Benefits

  • Build leadership skills and learn from community mentors

    As a Hope Scholar, you will work closely with mentors who are leaders in community service activities, with special attention to helping young people succeed through programs like Generations of Hope. This will allow you to learn community engagement from those with significant expertise and to gain meaningful experiences that enhance your future career as well as your work as an engaged citizen. Scholars are also provided many opportunities through York College’s Center for Community Engagement, as the program leaders are also administrators of that division.

  • Apply for program funding and paid work experiences

    Engaged Scholars are encouraged to innovate the ways in which we serve the York community’s vulnerable and young populations. As such, as new programming ideas develop, you will be invited to apply for funding that can help bring transformative ideas to fruition; and in some cases, the program can provide a stipend for your work!

  • Collaborate with your peers in a makerspace with cutting-edge technologies and tools

    You will have 24/7 access to the Graham Innovation Zone, a collaborative makerspace designed for collaboration on projects and other activities. This space offers cutting-edge technologies (such as a 3-D printer) as well as many other innovation tools and supplies.  

  • Learn and practice Design Thinking

    Also known as “human-centered design,” Design Thinking (developed through Stanford University) is a process for innovating and nurturing creative problem-solving through empathy. As a Hope Scholar, you will learn this instrumental set of techniques that informs your community work and will help you succeed in your future career.

  • Enhance personal connections by attending field trips and retreats

    To enhance our team’s personal connections, Hope Scholars are invited to attend field trips that enhance their work as student leaders. Scholars are encouraged to suggest potential sites and to assist program leadership in planning and execution of trips.

  • Receive guidance from a faculty mentor

    While all York College students have access to well-qualified advisors within their discipline, Hope Scholars are also closely mentored by caring and informed faculty and invited to networking events with community leaders at our Center for Community Engagement. This network greatly enhances future career advancement as well as internship possibilities.

  • Develop key career skills through participation in special events and seminars

    You will be invited to events that feature speakers and activities to supplement your classroom learning. We invite speakers with diverse backgrounds; with experiences aimed at building programs, community organizing and leadership; and with skills that may not be fully addressed in the regular curriculum. We also offer workshops and seminars that can help Scholars to develop key career skills.

Learn MoreProgram Details

  • Eligibility


    The Hope Scholars program is open to students in the York College Community Opportunity Scholarship Program (YCCOSP) and York College Changemakers (comprised of Impact York and Spartan Service Alliance students).

  • Guidelines for Applying

    Guidelines for Applying

    Eligible students who have distinguished themselves in their respective program are encouraged to apply in the spring semester of their first or second year at the College. More information will be made available through your program advisors and mentors on the process.

    The application period for this scholarship ends February 1, 2023.

  • Program Expectations

    Program Expectations

    As a Hope Scholar, you are expected to commit to at least 15 hours per semester of service, discussions, and other activities. You are also expected to work with one another through participation in activities run by The Center for Community Engagement (CCE).

Contact Us
York Opportunity Scholars Program
Center for Community Engagement
Dominic DelliCarpini, Ph.D., Dean
Campus: Humanities Center, Room 29
Downtown: Center for Community Engagement
59 E. Market St., York, PA 17401
Phone: 717.815.1213

Cody Miller, M.S. Ed.
Director of Service Initiatives
Campus: Humanities Center, Room 125
Downtown: Center for Community Engagement
59 E. Market St., York, PA 17401
Phone: 717.600.3812