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Impact the York Community.

York College of Pennsylvania has a strong tradition of promoting service and leadership, as expressed in the College motto, servire est vivere (to serve is to live). The Impact York program supports and extends the positive impact our students have on the local community and enhances their college education by offering them opportunities to learn through servant leadership and social entrepreneurship.

Part of the broader Changemakers experience, Impact York engages students in community-based and project-based learning—two marks of distinction of a York College education. Through a guided set of experiences, Impact York team members learn to address the needs of a community—including both the campus and the wider York community—by participating in leadership training, developing innovation skills, and applying knowledge from their area of study to address real-world needs. From day one, the program provides participants with the opportunity to make a significant impact on the community in which they live—not only as students but also as citizens.

The application period for this scholarship ends March 15, 2024.

Program Benefits

Beginning in fall 2023, students accepted into the Impact York program receive an annual award of $1,500 for each academic year they participate in the program (up to 4 academic years as an undergraduate, full-time student).

Each year, you will have the opportunity to work with College faculty and administrators, local organizations, and your peers in the Changemakers community to plan and execute team-based community impact projects.

You will have the opportunity to learn new skills, including leadership and teamwork, that will be valuable in any future profession.

You will have the opportunity to participate in local service projects, event planning, and collaborations with community leaders/potential employers.

You will have the opportunity to work with campus and community leaders, expanding your network in ways that will enhance your career prospects after graduation.


You will have access to knowledgeable, caring mentors who can help you make connections in the community and develop your projects.

Program Details

To be eligible for Impact York, you must:

  • Enroll at YCP starting in the fall of the same calendar year that you graduate from high school.
  • Enroll at YCP as a full-time undergraduate student.
  • Attend York College as a first-time student.
  • Live on campus at York College.

In order to be considered for the Impact York program:


The Impact York scholarship is awarded for a maximum of four years (8 semesters). To continue to receive the Impact York award each year, you must...

  • Live on campus.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and show satisfactory academic progress.
  • Complete the Be the Change First-Year Seminar during the fall semester of your first year.
  • Contribute 20 or more hours of volunteer engagement each year (approximately 10/semester) through the Spartan Volunteer Network.
  • Actively participate in the Impact York program and the Changemakers Community.
  • Remain in good standing as a YCP student.
  • Complete all forms and documents required by York College for Changemaker program students, including standard clearances and a consent & release form.

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Steve Jacob
Steve G. Jacob, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Center for Community Engagement
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Hunter Conrad
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