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Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for the Schedule of Classes, scheduling timetable, graduate and undergraduate catalogs, CAPP Degree Evaluation, and Drop/Add.

The Transfer Resource Center has transfer course equivalencies from over 85 institutions, transfer articulation agreements, transfer policies and much more to help make your transition to York College as smooth as possible.

Please feel free to ask questi‌‌ons! We know it can seem overwhelming to keep track of everything, and we're here to help.

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  • How to Register for Classes

    Want to become a YCP Spartan?!

    If you wish to enroll at York College as a new, transfer, or readmitted student, you must formally be admitted into a degree program. You can apply today online! Contact the Admissions Office for more information.  The registration options will vary upon the time of the year.

    Returning Matriculated Students:


    • Know your major requirements. Have a copy of your major worksheet and CAPP Degree Evaluation to review.
    • Make an appointment with your academic advisor at least one week before you register for classes.
    • Review the Schedule of Classes online and check the Registration Timetable for your assigned time slot.
    • Make a list of the CRNs (Course Reference Number) that you wish to register for and a list of alternative CRNs.

    Deposit and Holds:

    • You should check for any holds on your account at least one week prior to registration so they can be resolved in a timely fashion. Holds can include parking violations, Health Center Information, tuition balance, dorm damage,etc.
    • If you are registering for classes after the due date set by the Business Office, payment in full is expected on that day.
    • All newly matriculated students have an Advisor Hold placed on their account for their first two semesters of enrollment. This hold prohibits registration for classes until it is released by the Academic Advisor. The hold is released after the student meets with their advisor to discuss course work, schedule and academic progress.


    • Go to MyYCP and sign into the York College portal. Click on YCPWeb. Click on Student Services, then Registration,  Add/Drop ClassesSelect a Term, and then enter your CRNs in the spaces available at the bottom of the page.
    • If you need to drop a class, click on the Action box and click Web Drop. Click Submit Changes on the bottom of the page.
    • During the drop/add period, changes can be made online for returning students.  If you are having difficulty making changes online, use the drop add form.  Please download the form, complete, sign, and return to  If you are a new student, please consult with your advisor before you make any changes that involve new classes that are different from what is on your current schedule.
    • To view your schedule of classes, go to Student Schedule by Day and Time. If you are registering for the next semester, enter the first day of the next semester at the top of the page or you will view the current semester classes.
    • If needed, please use this Registration Form
    • Acadeum Consortium (CIC-OL) courses have a separate, additional fee.  


    Part-Time Undergraduate Non-Matriculated Students:

    Part-time Undergraduate Non-Matriculated students may begin to register for Fall 2023 classes on Thursday, June 29, 2023.

    • You should begin the registration process by submitting a non-matriculated application (
    • When completing the application, please follow these steps: Create An Account > Start New Application > Select Year > Select "Non-Matriculated (non-degree)" > Open Application > Complete Application and upload your necessary documents 
    • Please access our course availability on the Schedule of Classes web page.
    • If you have questions about the status of your non-matriculated application please contact our Admissions Office at 717-849-1600 or
    • Once your non-matriculated application is approved, a $100 Tuition Deposit must be paid before you can be registered for classes. 
    • Once your deposit is paid you will be registered for your courses by the Registrar's Office.  The Registrar's Office will contact you once you are scheduled.  

    If you are a Graduate non-matriculated student, please apply here: 


    Summer 2023 Registration:

    • Registration for Summer 2023 terms opens on Monday, February 6th. 
    • Students should begin the Summer registration process by first speaking with their advisor.
    • Matriculated YCP students may register online for Summer courses.
    • Students may also register by completing the Summer Registration Form and emailing it to 
    • New and non-matriculated students must pay a Summer tuition deposit to register.
    • Students are limited to taking two 3-credit or 4-credit courses, plus one PAW credit during each summer session (excluding the Mini-Mester session, which is limited to one 3 or 4-credit course, plus one PAW credit).


    How to pay a tuition deposit online:

    • Login to your MyYCP portal
    • Click on the YCPWeb
    • Click on Pay Bill/Student Account tab
    • Select Pay Deposits for Tuition and Housing
    • Select the Term 
    • Click Submit
    • Choose Tuition
    • Click Submit
    • Enter credit card information (Note: there is no convenience fee when paying a deposit).
    • Click Next
    • Review payment information; if correct, enter the email address for receipt.
    • Select Submit Payment

    Deposits can also be paid at the Business Office if using cash and/or check.

    Please contact the Business Office at 717-815-1470 if you have any questions about paying your deposit.


  • Catalogs
  • Student Scheduling Timetable

    Student Scheduling Timetable

    To register for classes as a Matriculated student:

    • Login to your MyYCP portal
    • Click on YCPWeb
    • Click on the Student Services tab
    • Select Registration
    • Select Add/Drop Classes
    • Select a Term, and then enter your CRNs in the spaces available at the bottom of the page.

    Undergraduate Students

    The timetable has been developed based on the number of undergraduate credits passed at the end of Fall 2022. Students may register at their appointed time or anytime thereafter.

    *All Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 newly matriculated students (freshmen, transfer, and readmits) MUST see their Academic Advisor BEFORE registering for classes. For these students, registration will not be permitted until Academic Advisor approval has been issued.

    Non-Matriculated Students

    Non-Matriculated students may register beginning on Thursday, June 29, 2023.

    Important Error Messages

    Here is the description of error messages that may commonly be experienced by matriculated students using MyYCP:

    Class or section is closed:

    When you have submitted your CRNs and a class is closed, you will receive a message telling you that the class or section is closed. You may petition the course instructor to overload you into their class, but they are not obligated to add you. If they do grant you permission for an overload, you need to have it in writing along with permission from the department chair. Both signatures need to be submitted to the Registrar's Office so that the class can be manually added to your schedule.

    Time Conflict with (10001):

    You have already registered for a class that meets at the same time.

    Preq and Test Score Error:

    There are pre-requisites for this class that you have not yet completed.

    Corq_(PSC152) req:

    This class requires a co-requisite to be taken at the same time. Example: PSC152 lecture and PSC153 tab.

    Dup Crse with Sec (10887):

    You have attempted to register for the same section of a class more than once.

    Major Restriction:

    This class is restricted to students within certain majors.

    Class Restriction:

    You must be a certain class level (ex: Junior, Senior, etc.) to register for this class.

    Maximum Hours Exceeded:

    You have attempted to register for more credits than you are allowed to take. Please contact the Registrar's Office for further assistance.

    Pass/Fail and Audit classes:

    You will be able to register for Pass/Fail or Audit classes by clicking on the highlighted Grade Mode and adjusting or selecting the grade mode accordingly. You can also navigate to Change Class Options and select Pass/Fail or Audit for the appropriate class(es).

    Credit Load Information:

    Part-time students may register for up to 11.5 credits. Full-time students must register for a minimum of 12 credits. There is a flat tuition fee for 12-18 credits with additional fees starting at 18.5 credit hours. Students with a 3.0 cumulative GPA may register for up to 21 credit hours per semester upon payment of the appropriate additional fees.

  • Schedule of Classes

    To view the current schedule of classes, please visit

  • Declaring/Changing Your Major

    Major/Minor Combinations

    Declaring/Changing Your Major


  • Application for Independent Study

    An Independent Study is a well-defined individual research project supervised by a faculty member and completed without formal class meetings.  These studies provide students with the opportunity to gain experience doing research, to work closely with a faculty mentor on a project within their discipline, and to gain academic credit for their work. Since such projects involve less formal teaching than regular courses, effective Independent Study experiences require an increase in student responsibility and initiative in both research and the learning process.  The Independent Study guidelines are as follows:

    • Only matriculated students at York College will qualify for an Independent Study.
    • Students must have successfully completed a minimum of 60 or more credits at the time of application.
    • Students must have a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative grade point average at time of application.
    • The application must be approved by the academic Department Chair by the last day of DROP/ADD during the semester of study.  No extensions will be granted.
    • All tuition and fees must be paid accordingly to published deadlines by the Business Office.

    The Application for Independent Study form can be downloaded by clicking on the following link - Application for Independent Study.  It can also be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.  The form should be initially completed by the student. The application must include a comprehensive summary describing the nature, objectives, and evaluation format of the study. The approved completed forms must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office to be entered on the student’s schedule. The Independent Study must be completed during the fall semester, spring semester or Special Session during the summer.

  • Tutorial Application

    Please select Tutorial Application for the form.

  • CAPP Degree Evaluation

    The CAPP (Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning) system is used to track a student's course work toward their degree requirements. Matriculated Students are able to run CAPP degree evaluations using their myYCP log in.

    CAPP Degree Evaluation is a tool that both students and academic advisors use to review the academic progress of a student in their major or any other major that is offered by York College. The CAPP shows students how the courses they have registered for and completed will apply to the curriculum requirements for their major and then displays what other courses are needed to complete their degree. 

    *A student's CAPP is divided into the various areas of the major such as the core curriculum courses, the major requirements, free electives, and all other unique major requirements. These requirements can also be viewed in the College catalog.

    Can students run their own CAPP Degree Evaluations?

    Yes, the CAPP can be accessed through myYCP and the YCPWeb.

    If students are considering another major, is there a way to run a CAPP degree evaluation on the new major that would show how their existing courses would apply to the new curriculum?

    Yes, the CAPP Degree Evaluation includes a function that allows matriculated students to create a What-If Analysis if they are currently an Undeclared major and considering a particular curriculum or if they are considering changing from one major to another.

    How is CAPP used by students, advisors, and Academic Departments?

    Students should run a CAPP Degree Evaluation each semester before they register for classes offered in the next semester. Keeping a copy of the CAPP Degree Evaluation with you is helpful when meeting with your Academic Advisor. The CAPP degree evaluation will indicate completed coursework as well as courses that are still outstanding in the student's curriculum.

    The CAPP Degree Evaluation is also used by the Academic Departments and the Records Office in certifying students to graduate from York College.


  • Faculty CAPP Substitution/Target/Waiver Qualtrics Form

    Please visit the form here: Faculty CAPP Substitution/Target/Waiver Qualtrics Form

    For an overview on how to submit the Faculty CAPP Substitution/Target/Waiver Qualtrics Form, go to: How to Submit a Qualtrics CAPP



  • Application for an Applied Music Course
    Students wanting to schedule an Applied Music course should apply online using the Applied Music Permission Form
    The form should be initially completed by the student. The completed form will then be electronically sent to the music faculty advisor selected for approval. The music faculty advisor will review the request and share the correct course registration information with the Registrar's Office. Once this approval is received, the course will be added to the student's schedule. Students with questions about their submitted Application for an Applied Music course should reach out to the music faculty advisor. 


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