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Political Science

A foundation for informed citizenship and political literacy. A platform for advancing your career — no matter where you want to take it.

We like to think of political science as a way to deal with two perennial questions: Who governs? And to what ends? You’ll study the formal and informal political processes that shape public policy. You’ll examine the human side and the scientific side of political behavior. You’ll be able to make informed decisions about community politics, electoral politics, and advocacy. Put that all together, and you’re well positioned as a graduate with valuable skills in understanding complex systems and relationships as well as having political fluency.

Internships with government agencies, political parties, law firms, nonprofits and more give our students hands-on experience. And with diverse, challenging courses in law, international and domestic policy, Constitutional thought, and more, you’ll have a well-rounded education.

State Rep. Seth Grove talks with York College political science and public relations students in 2014
With the state capitol just up the road, our students have great access to elected officials and the state government.
York College students visit the state capitol with state Reps. Seth Grove and Kevin Schreiber, both York College graduates
York College students visit the state capitol with state Reps. Seth Grove and Kevin Schreiber, both York College graduates

Your Future InPolitical Science

Political science goes well beyond a life in politics. Our graduates work for George Washington University, Legislative Reference Bureau, Literacy Council of York County, State of New Jersey Judiciary, United States Government and VanGuard Group Inc. Beyond governmental work, this major can lead to possible domestic or international careers in:
  • City planning/Urban affairs
  • Communications/Public relations/Writing
  • Law enforcement
  • Foreign service
  • Policy studies

Program Requirements

Required Courses and Degree Requirements for Graduation
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