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Intelligence Analysis

Dive into the growing field of intelligence analysis, where international relations, foreign policy, and national security intertwine.

Intelligence analysts provide finished intelligence to policymakers for decisions of national importance. They pull together, study, and evaluate information gathered from a broad range of sources, from satellite surveillance to human contacts, to produce timely and objective assessments, free of any political bias. This information varies widely in terms of reliability, and is often conflicting or incomplete. Your job as an analyst is to develop meaningful and usable intelligence assessments from a variety of sources.

Our degree in intelligence analysis was recently developed after the intelligence community noted the lack of qualified graduates in the job market. It’s mutually beneficial. Our students benefit from the opportunity to potentially gain internship experience and from learning about the security clearance process. The Intelligence Community (IC) benefits from a conveniently located and well-trained cadre of students from a high quality and rigorous academic program. Our unique program has an emphasis on regional area studies including the geography, history, and politics of those regions, and global studies including the politics of international relations, foreign policy, and national security.

John Weaver, assistant professor of History and Political Science, works to ensure that the next generation of Intelligence Analysis Professionals is poised for success. Download a transcript of this video.
York College Intelligence Analysis coordinator John Weaver presents an Intelligence Community paper along with several students
Program coordinator John Weaver, joined by YCP students, presented "Friend of Foe (or Do We Really Know)? Intelligence Community Contemporary Challenges" at an international workshop.

Intelligence AnalysisYour future in

This new major at York College is robust with career possibilities. Possible careers in the intelligence community include:
  • Armed Forces Intelligence; Central Intelligence Agency
  • Departments of Homeland Security, Energy, State, Treasury, etc.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • National Security Agency
  • Drug Enforcement Administration, and more.

Program Requirements

Required Courses and Degree Requirements for Graduation
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