Spring on the York College campus

Campus COVID-19 Response

Information about York College's Response to Coronavirus

York College's administration regularly reviews guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This webpage is maintained with updated information and current College policies regarding COVID-19.

COVID-19 Information York College of Pennsylvania

What Do I Need To Know?

  • Are masks required on campus?

    Wearing a mask on campus is no longer a requirement on campus. Community members, however, may choose to do so for various legitimate reasons. Students are reminded that the Spartan Oath asks you to demonstrate respect and to evaluate how your actions affect others in the campus community. Please be considerate if you are asked to wear a mask in an indoor setting.

  • Is York College requiring COVID-19 vaccinations?

    All students and campus community members are strongly encouraged to be up-to-date on their flu shot and initial COVID vaccination series and one booster.

    Health Services will offer free flu vaccination clinics for YCP students. Anyone wishing to obtain a COVID vaccine may contact Health Services for a referral to a local vaccination site. 

    Study Abroad and Vaccinations

    The United States will end its COVID-19 vaccination requirements for federal workers and international air travelers, effective May 12, 2023. For those traveling on York College of Pennsylvania sponsored travel abroad programs, we very strongly recommend that you are vaccinated against Covid-19. Any unvaccinated participants on College-sponsored international travel programs are required to submit to the YCP trip leader a plan for ensuring their personal health and the health of others during travel. All participants on College-sponsored international programs are required to sign an Acknowledgement of Risk of COVID-19 as well as other waivers before travel.

  • What should I do if I have possible symptoms of COVID-19?

    Any student who is symptomatic should take a home test, contact Health Services for an appointment, or visit a local urgent care.

    Report positive results to the Health Center at healthcenter@ycp.edu or 717-849-1615. Please include your name and cell phone number in your message.

  • What if I test positive for COVID-19?

    Students who test positive should follow the steps below:

    • Contact Health Services at 717-849-1615 or healthcenter@ycp.edu to ensure that you receive instructions regarding isolation requirements.
    • If you are a residential student, you will be asked to return home to isolate if possible, or isolate in your assigned room.
    • Isolation is required for five days after your symptoms begin. The first day of symptoms is Day Zero.
    • While you are isolating, you should remain in your room. You may pick up meals from dining areas and return to your room to eat. Note that you should wear an N95 mask, covering your nose and mouth, if you leave your room for any reason. 
    • Contact your faculty to make arrangements regarding missed classwork during your isolation period. Health Services will raise an alert flag in the Student Success Network to alert faculty members that you will not be able to attend classes in person.
    • If you have improving symptoms and are fever-free on Day 6you may return to class and campus activities. You should continue to wear a mask through Day 10.
    • If your symptoms are NOT improving, or you have a fever on Day 6, you may need to isolate longer. Please contact Health Services for additional instructions.

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