Spring on the York College campus
50+ Cutting Edge Majors and Minors

From day one, most of your classes are small and all of your teachers are passionate subject matter experts. What's more they are laser focused on your academic and personal success.

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate & Doctoral
Program Department Major Minor
AccountingGraham School of BusinessB.S.yes
Advertising (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
African and African-American Studies (Minor)History and Political Scienceyes
American History (Minor)History and Political Scienceyes
Anthropology (Minor)Behavioral Sciencesyes
Applied Youth Development (Minor)Behavioral Sciencesyes
Art History (Minor)Communication and the Artsyes
Athletic Coaching (Minor)Hospitality Recreation and Sport Managementyes
BiologyBiological SciencesB.S., A.S.yes
Business Administration Associate's DegreeGraham School of BusinessA.S.
Business AdministrationGraham School of BusinessB.S.yes
Business AnalyticsGraham School of BusinessB.S.yes
ChemistryPhysical SciencesB.S., A.S.yes
Civil EngineeringEngineering and Computer ScienceB.S.
Computer EngineeringEngineering and Computer ScienceB.S.
Computer Information SystemsGraham School of BusinessB.S.yes
Computer ScienceEngineering and Computer ScienceB.S.yes
Continuous Improvement (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
Creative Writing (Minor)English and Humanitiesyes
Criminal JusticeBehavioral SciencesB.S., A.S.yes
Criminalistics (Minor)Behavioral Sciencesyes
Critical Thinking and Theory (Minor)English and Humanitiesyes
Early Elementary EducationEducationB.S.
Early Elementary/Special EducationEducationB.S.
EconomicsGraham School of BusinessB.S.yes
Electrical EngineeringEngineering and Computer ScienceB.S.
Engineering ManagementGraham School of BusinessB.S.
English (Literary and Textual Studies)English and HumanitiesB.A.yes
EntrepreneurshipGraham School of BusinessB.S.yes
Ethics (Minor)English and Humanitiesyes
Film Studies (Minor)English and Humanitiesyes
FinanceGraham School of BusinessB.S.yes
Fine ArtCommunication and the ArtsB.A.yes
Forensic ChemistryPhysical SciencesB.S.
French (Minor)English and Humanitiesyes
Geography (Minor)History and Political Scienceyes
German (Minor)English and Humanitiesyes
Gerontology (Minor)Behavioral Sciencesyes
Graphic DesignCommunication and the ArtsB.A.
HistoryHistory and Political ScienceB.A.
Hospitality ManagementHospitality Recreation and Sport ManagementB.S.
Hospitality Marketing (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
Human Resource Management (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
Human ServicesBehavioral SciencesB.S.yes
Information Systems (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
Intelligence AnalysisHistory and Political ScienceB.A.yes
International Business (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
International Management (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
International RelationsHistory and Political ScienceB.A.
International Studies (Minor)History and Political Scienceyes
Literary Studies (Minor)English and Humanitiesyes
ManagementGraham School of BusinessB.S.yes
MarketingGraham School of BusinessB.S.yes
Marketing Communications (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
Marketing Management (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
Mass CommunicationsCommunication and the ArtsB.A.
Mathematics (Minor)Physical Sciencesyes
MathematicsPhysical SciencesB.S.yes
Mechanical EngineeringEngineering and Computer ScienceB.S.
Medical Laboratory SciencePhysical SciencesB.S.
Middle Level EducationEducationB.S.
Middle Level/Special EducationEducationB.S.
Music Industry/Recording Technology (B.S.)Communication and the ArtsB.S.yes
Music Education, K-12 (B.S.)Communication and the ArtsB.S.
Music (B.A.)Communication and the ArtsB.A.yes
Musical Theatre (Minor)Communication and the Artsyes
Not-For-Profit Management (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
Nuclear Medicine TechnologyBiological SciencesB.S.
NursingStabler Department of NursingB.S.
Operations Management (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
PhilosophyEnglish and HumanitiesB.A.yes
Photography (Minor)Communication and the Artsyes
Physics (Minor)Physical Sciencesyes
Political ScienceHistory and Political ScienceB.A.yes
Professional WritingEnglish and HumanitiesB.A.yes
PsychologyBehavioral SciencesB.S., A.S.yes
Public Administration (Minor)History and Political Scienceyes
Public RelationsCommunication and the ArtsB.A.yes
RadiographyBiological SciencesB.S.
Recreation and Leisure AdministrationHospitality Recreation and Sport ManagementB.S.
Religious Studies (Minor)English and Humanitiesyes
Respiratory CareBiological SciencesB.S.
Retailing (Minor)Graham School of Businessyes
RN to BS in NursingStabler Department of NursingB.S.
Secondary Education BiologyEducationB.S.
Secondary Education EnglishEducationB.A.
Secondary Education General ScienceEducationB.S.
Secondary Education MathematicsEducationB.S.
Secondary Education Social StudiesEducationB.A.
Self-Designed (B.A., B.S.)B.S., B.A.
SociologyBehavioral SciencesB.S.yes
Spanish EducationEducationB.A.
Spanish/EspañolEnglish and HumanitiesB.A.yes
Speech Communication (Minor)Communication and the Artsyes
Sport ManagementHospitality Recreation and Sport ManagementB.S.
Supply Chain Operations ManagementGraham School of BusinessB.S.yes
Sustainability and Environmental Studies (Minor)Biological Sciencesyes
TheatreCommunication and the ArtsB.A.yes
Undeclared BusinessGraham School of BusinessB.S.
Graduate and Doctoral
Program Department Major Minor
Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Post Master's CertificateStabler Department of Nursing
Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse SpecialistStabler Department of NursingM.S.
Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Primary CareStabler Department of NursingM.S.
Doctor of Nursing Practice (Nurse Anesthetist)Stabler Department of NursingD.N.P.
Doctor of Nursing Practice (Post-Masters) Stabler Department of NursingD.N.P.
Educational Leadership SpecializationEducationM.Ed.
Technology SpecializationEducationM.Ed.
Master of EducationEducationM.Ed.
Master of Business AdministrationGraham School of BusinessM.B.A.
Nurse EducatorStabler Department of NursingM.S.
Reading SpecializationEducationM.Ed.