Chemistry Associate Degree

Student smiling in a chemistry lab.
Program Type
Est. Time to Complete
2 Years
Kinsley School of Engineering, Sciences and Technology
Delivery Mode
On Campus

The Associate of Science in Chemistry major will introduce students to foundational chemistry techniques, through close student/faculty engagement and hands-on experimentation. The program is ideal for students looking for broad exposure to basic chemistry concepts without in-depth knowledge or experience. 

Chemistry Courses

Your class schedule will include core courses for your program, Gen Next general education classes, and electives. 

Course NameCourse CodeCredits
General Chemistry ICHM 1344 Credits
General Chemistry IICHM 1364 Credits
Quantitative Analytical ChemistryCHM 3364 Credits
General Physics IPHY 1104 Credits
First-Year SeminarFYS 1003 Credits


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