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York College Chamber Singers

Music (B.A.)

Accelerate your passion for music. Challenge yourself through strong music studies emphasizing performance, within the context of a liberal arts curriculum.

As a music major, you’ll acquire a broad knowledge of music, stressing the development of musicianship, the ability to perform and an intellectual grasp of the art. We do this with a heavy rotation of hands-on learning, from private lessons to public performances. You'll be preparing for career opportunities in a variety of musical areas, including performance and private studio teaching. Many graduates continue music studies in graduate school. 

Want to take the first, important step in a lifelong career in music? Audition to enroll in our music program! It’s a requirement for admission.

See and hear our musicians and vocalists in this overview of the Division of Music. Feeling inspired? Submit your portfolio to start the process of being considered for our program! Download a transcript of this video.
York College music professor Erin Lippard helps a student with a violin lesson
Our dynamic faculty challenge you to new heights in your performance.

Your future in Music

Our graduates have gone on to work for Central Dauphin School District, the Department of Public Welfare, Hanover Hall Nursing Center, National Symphony Orchestra and West Point Military Academy. Possible careers include:
  • Performing musician, composer, conductor, arranger, lyricist
  • Music educator, music therapist, music librarian
  • Music journalist, TV/radio music producer
  • Music business attorney, church/temple music director
  • U.S. Armed Forces musician, arts administrator
Record plays music on a player.

2019-20 Cultural Series Events

We invite you to browse through the 2019-20 Cultural Series events being offered by York College. Admission is free unless otherwise specified.

We showcase the talents of our faculty and students and also host guests ranging from The Kelly Green Trio to Vamik Volkan.

You are welcome to join us for these programs. Enjoy looking over the listings; mark your calendars now, and prepare to be entertained and enlightened!

Contact Us
Arts and Humanities Department
Rory Kraft, Ph.D., Chair
Wolf Hall, Room 206A
Phone: 717.815.6591
Contact for appt.

Allison Altland, Administrative Assistant
Wolf Hall, Room 206
Phone: 717.815.1354


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