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Spring on the York College campus

STEM Scholars Program

You are drawn to study science because you want to know how the world works. You have an idea about what your chosen major can do. But in this day and age, specializing may not get you where you want to go—what happens if you can work with other scientists and engineers—those outside your discipline? What do you think you can achieve? 

This is the purpose of the STEM Scholars Program: supporting students majoring in STEM fields, such as Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering, where in your first year you will be encouraged to connect with peers who think like you do. You'll also live in the highly-coveted Northside Commons residence hall, in a wing specifically set aside for your fellow STEM scholars. Then, over the following three years, your chances to interact with your friends and fellow scientists and engineers will expand beyond those in your classes or your residence hall. Working collaboratively and combining your knowledge from multiple fields, you will be supported and encouraged to identify, understand, and directly impact real-world problems in our immediate community and beyond.

At the end of four years, you will have a deeper understanding of how you can work with other scientists and scholars to apply your specialized knowledge and, ultimately, change the world. Our priority deadline is April 30, 2021, for priority consideration in the fall.

York College of Pennsylvania - Kinsley School of Engineering, Sciences and Technology - STEM Scholars
Chemistry Students

Application Criteria

This program will span the entire four years of your degree. Both curricular (a common course each semester) and co-curricular (research projects, potential study abroad, community outreach, etc.) activities will be part of your experiences in this special Learning Community. By applying to this program you are indicating that you understand the requirements of the STEM Scholars Program, and you are aware that your commitment to the STEM Scholars Program is beyond your first semester-it is for all four years.

To be considered for the STEM Scholars Program, you need to meet the following requirements:
  • Be a first-time student at York College of Pennsylvania.
  • Show interest in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, and/or math.
  • Demonstrate academic ability or promising potential in STEM (High School or Transfer GPA, SAT scores, and essay responses will be considered as part of the application).
  • Agree to enroll in the required courses for this learning community, including General Chemistry I lecture and lab, CHM 134/CHM 135.
  • Agree to live on campus for your first two years as part of the residential learning community.

Interested? Here is why you should consider this program.

  • The opportunity to build a lasting community with other scientists.

    All STEM Scholars will live on campus for the first two years in a residence hall with the other scholars. You will take classes together, study together, and live together—which will enhance your personal and interpersonal development. Bonus: your RA will be a STEM major!

  • The opportunity to participate in meaningful work by targeting a broad problem.

    Woven throughout your four years at YCP is the STEM Colloquium. This course serves as the meeting point for your collaboration and innovative work with other scientists to impact the world. In your first year, you will work with faculty and community partners to identify an interdisciplinary project that is relevant to the field.

  • The exposure to multi-faceted mentoring.

    The STEM Scholars will have the opportunity to work one on one with:

    • Other STEM students as peer mentors
    • Innovative and interdisciplinary faculty
    • Leading members of local industries.

    A multi-prong approach to mentoring will provide you with countless resources and support for developing your academic and career plans.

  • The opportunity for financially supported research.

    With the support of the faculty and mentors, you will be encouraged to explore research projects as early as possible. Engaging in research will help prepare you for graduate work and will strengthen your problem-solving skills, all while providing a chance to publish or present your work in the scientific community. Through existing and potential future funding opportunities at the college, STEM Scholars will have the ability to engage in a research project during the summer months while living on campus.

Contact Us
STEM Scholars Program
Dr. Jessica M. Fautch, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Campbell Hall, Room 211A
Phone: 717.815.1328