Eisenhart Community Scholars

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Driven by a Desire to Serve

Eisenhart Scholars are innovative student leaders who are driven to make a lasting difference in their communities through volunteer engagement. The Eisenhart Scholars program provides a $5,000 annual scholarship ($20,000 over four years) to selected students.

Eisenhart Scholars are known for their…

  • Initiative: Eisenharts are restless in their drive to make a difference.
  • Empathy: Eisenharts take the time to build relationships and learn from their community.
  • Innovation: Eisenharts are creative and resilient innovators.
  • Leadership: As leaders in their communities, Eisenharts are empowering and collaborative.
  • Involvement: Eisenharts are engaged in their communities, and they inspire others to get involved too.

This scholarship application is currently closed and will open for fall 2025 shortly.

Eisenhart Community Scholars are part of the York College Honors Community as well as the Changemakers. The program educates, prepares, and inspires students to become agents of change in their community. 

As an Eisenhart Scholar, you'll be mentored and provided with opportunities to develop genuine partnerships with local community agencies. You will also develop skills in Design Thinking, management, community organizing, strengths-based leadership, networking, and fundraising that will be assets in whatever profession you choose.

Program Details

Learn more about becoming an Eisenhart Community Scholar.

The Eisenhart Community Scholars Program seeks individuals who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to becoming servant leaders and to bettering the community. Eisenhart Scholars are innovators who bring new ideas for improving the community and who work well as part of a team. If this describes you, we invite you to apply—show us who you are and what you believe. Please consider the following guidelines:

  • Applications for incoming first-year students are due by February 16, 2024 for the 2024-25 academic year.
  • There are NO strict GPA or test score requirements. We will evaluate your application as a whole, and will consider past community work as well as your future goals, teamwork, and more. 
  • The Eisenhart Scholars team will review your application and may ask to speak with you.
  • Plan on attending Accepted Student Day so you can meet other incoming Eisenhart Scholars.
Apply for the Eisenhart Community Scholars Program

The Eisenhart Community Scholars Program scholarship is awarded for a maximum of four years (eight semesters). To continue receiving the scholarship each year, you must:

  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and show satisfactory academic progress;
  • Complete the Entrepreneurial Thinking First-Year Seminar during the fall semester of your first year.
  • Complete the Rhetorical Communication course (FCO 105) with other Eisenhart Community Scholars during the spring semester of your first year.
  • Complete a 1-credit Honors Community seminar each semester, from the spring semester of your first year through the fall semester of your senior year.  
  • Contribute 60 or more hours of volunteer engagement, innovation, and leadership each year (approximately 30/semester) through the Spartan Volunteer Network.
  • Develop a volunteer engagement and leadership portfolio that chronicles your journey and accomplishments as an Eisenhart Scholar. 
  • Actively participate in the Honors Community and the Changemakers community.
  • Remain in good standing as a YCP student.
  • Complete all forms and documents required by York College for Changemaker program students, including standard clearances and a consent and release form.

William S. "Bill" Eisenhart passed away in February 2014, but it is clear that the community where he lived and worked for so many years will long hold him in very high esteem. 

He was a graduate of York Collegiate Institute (which later became York College), Princeton University, and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and he practiced law from 1940 until 2013. He also served in the U.S. Army from 1941–1946, separating as a First Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, Special Agent, Counterintelligence Corps, assigned to the Hanford Engineering Works (Manhattan Project).

In a York Daily Record article, fellow attorney Bill Anstine recalled that Eisenhart was always unwavering about doing the right thing and said, "He'd be glad to share his knowledge with a younger attorney. He was not shy about imparting wisdom to others. He wanted things done right." Anstine added that Eisenhart was "very calm, polite, gracious, and knowledgeable."

Attorney Eisenhart was just as dedicated to the welfare of the York community as he was to helping his clients. He provided a bequest and established a trust in support of York College, which funds the Eisenhart Community Scholars Program. 

Over the years, Attorney Eisenhart was actively involved with numerous local organizations, such as the former York County Academy, York Hospital, York YMCA and York YWCA, Children's Home of York, and York County SPCA. He held many leadership positions, including former council President of Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, club President of the Rotary Club of York, and President of the York County Community Foundation board. He is survived by his son, Christopher C. Eisenhart. 


Excerpt (edited) from YC Magazine, Fall 2015 issue.

Unique Opportunities

Eisenhart Community Scholarship recipients have access to several program benefits.

Financial Support

Students selected for the Eisenhart Community Scholars Program receive a $20,000 scholarship ($5,000 per year) applied toward their tuition at York College. This financial award is made possible through the generosity of William S. Eisenhart Esq.

Community Mentors

You will have the opportunity to work closely with mentors who are leaders in community service activities, allowing you to learn community engagement from experts and build skills to enhance your future career and your work as an engaged citizen.

Field Trips and Retreats

You will be invited to participate in field trips and retreats that enhance your work as a community and student leader. Scholars are encouraged to suggest potential sites and to assist program leadership in the planning and execution of trips.

Experienced Faculty Advisors

You will meet regularly with an advisor who can help you explore various activities to enhance your leadership skills and pursue networking opportunities with local community service leaders.

Special Events and Seminars

You will have the opportunity to attend events featuring guest speakers with backgrounds in service, community organizing, and leadership, and to participate in workshops and seminars focused on tools and strategies for developing community-based programming.

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