Kinsley Engineering Building

Kinsley Engineering Center

Dynamic facilities that bring professional engineering right on your campus

The Kinsley Engineering Center, home to mechanical engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, was renovated from a historic factory in 2008.

Faculty, staff and students all contributed in the design of the building and the result is an exceptional facility for undergraduate engineering and computer science education. The building contains modern equipment, facilities, classroom spaces, offices, laboratories, a conference room and fabrication space.

Kinsley Engineering Lab
The York College Kinsley Engineering Center

You've found your new homeSerious about engineering?

The Kinsley Engineering Center (KEC), located on West Campus, is set up so you can minimize the need to run back and forth to your residence hall.

Our students spend plenty of time working on projects, so Kinsley is a home-away-from-home with comforting features such as wireless connectivity, 24/7 card swipe access for late-night work, canteen area and vending machines, study nooks/commons area, and lockers.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department
David Babcock, Ph.D
Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department
Kinsley Engineering Center, Room 117A
Phone: 717.815.6642