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Spring on the York College campus

Tuition and Fees

Several national publications have called York College of Pennsylvania a "best buy" for a reason.
  • Full-Time Tuition and Fees

    Fall 2019 and Spring 2020: Full-Time Cost of Attendance

    Direct Costs:    
    Tuition and Fees (resident and commuter) Academic Year Per Semester
    Tuition $18,910 $9,455
    General Fee $1,812 $906
    Student Activity Fee $164 $82
    Tuition and Fees*: $20,886 $10,443
    Room and Board (resident)
    Traditional Dorm (Double Room)** $6,520 $3,260
    225 Block Meal Plan $5,020 $2,510
    On-Campus Total: $32,426 $16,213
    Indirect Costs:    
    Books Estimate $1,200 $600
    Personal and Travel Allowance $2,050 $1,025
    Total Cost:    
    Total Cost of Attendance $35,676 $17,838

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    The Cost of Attendance budget includes both direct and indirect costs. Directs costs are those billed by York College. Indirect costs are estimates of those incurred by a student, but not billed directly by the school. The combined costs equal the total Cost of Attendance budget used to determine financial aid eligibility.

    *Other fees may be incurred including Undergraduate Differentials for Communications, Engineering, Nursing and Respiratory Therapy, Computer Science, and Hospitality majors.

    **Room costs will vary upon the actual dormitory assignment. Visit the Residence Life and Housing Office for individual rates.

    Additional tuition is billed at the part-time (per credit) rate for any additional credits above the full-time range of 18 credits.

    NOTE: Delinquent Accounts -- No student shall be enrolled, receive a diploma or receive a transcript until all previous accounts have been paid. Unpaid accounts will be referred to a collection agency. All percentage-based collection fees, not to exceed 35%, will be the responsibility of the student.

    A $100.00 Off-Campus Study Administration Fee is charged to a student who is registered at YCP but conducting their study at another location. Examples would be the Nuclear Med-tech program and any study abroad programs.

    The College reserves the right to change fees and charges without notice; however, College policy mandates moderate changes with reasonable advance notice of such changes.

    Audit Fee
    A student can audit a class. The fee is 15% of tuition plus the general fee. Auditing will not be permitted in laboratory studies, studio courses, language courses, independent study, internship or non-credit courses. No credit(s) is earned.

    Senior Citizens
    York College extends an invitation to all senior citizens, age 60 or over, who wish to audit (take a class on a noncredit basis) an undergraduate course. The senior citizen may enroll in these courses by completing a registration form and paying a part-time general fee, plus applicable lab fees. No tuition will be charged. This invitation is extended on a space-available basis.

  • Undergraduate Part-Time Tuition and Fees

    Fall 2019 and Spring 2020: Undergraduate Part-Time Tuition and Fees

    Undergraduate part-time: < 12 credits. Additional tuition is billed at the part-time (per credit) rate for any additional credits above the full-time range.

    Tuition (per credit) $575
    PT General Fee (per semester) $420
  • Graduate Tuition and Fees

    Fall 2019 and Spring 2020: Graduate Tuition and Fees

    Master's Program Per Credit Rate  Alumni - Per Credit Rate    
    Graham School of Business:    
      Master of Accounting $820.00 $575.00
      Master of Business Administration  $820.00   
      Master of Leadership $720.00 $575.00
      Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing                        Communication $720.00 $575.00
    School of Arts, Communication, & Global Studies:     
       Masters in Music Industry $660.00   
       Master of Public Policy Administration $660.00   
    School of Behavioral Sciences & Education:    
       Master of Education:    
           Education Technology $660.00   
           Educational Leadership PK-12 $660.00   
           Reading Specialist PK-12 $660.00   
           Diversity and Student Resilience $660.00   
    School of Nursing & Health Professions    
       Master of Science in Nursing:    
           Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist                - Education Focus $820.00   
           Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse                      Practitioner $820.00   
           Nurse Educator $820.00   
           Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner $775.00   
    Doctorate Program Per Credit Rate Fees    
    School of Nursing & Health Professions    
       Doctor of Nursing Practice:    
           Nursing Practice $960.00 $880.00
           Nursing Practice (Nurse Anesthesia) $960.00 $880.00
    General Fee for CRNA Students:
    Part Time $420
    Full Time $880
    Full-time enrollment at the graduate level is defined as students enrolled in nine or more credits in a given semester. Graduate students enrolled in less than nine credits are classified as part-time students. For the purpose of financial aid eligibility, graduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of five credits in a semester.
  • Undergraduate Differentials

    Fall 2019 and Spring 2020: Undergraduate Differentials

    DifferentialsPer CreditPer Semester
    Communications (Selected Courses) $76 --
    Nursing $134 --
    Respiratory Therapy $134 --
    Music Instruction - 1/2 Hour  -- $350
    Music Instruction - 1 Hour  -- $700
    Civil, Mechanical, Computer, & Electrical
       .5 to 5.5 Credits -- $315
       6.0 to 11.5 Credits -- $650
       12 Credits and up -- $880
    Engineering Management:
       .5 to 5.5 Credits -- $160
       6.0 to 11.5 Credits -- $325
       12 Credits and up -- $440
    Computer Science:    
       .5 to 5.5 Credits -- $160
       6.0 to 11.5 Credits -- $325
       12 Credits and up -- $440
       .5 to 11.5 Credits -- $39
       12 Credits and up -- $78
  • Summer Tuition and Fees

    Summer 2019: Tuition and Fees

    Undergraduate Tuition:

    Tuition (per credit) $555 per credit
    General Fee - Mini-mester 


    General Fee - Summer 1


    General Fee - Summer 2


    General Fee- Special Session


    **Maximum general fee charged for summer is $414

    Graduate Tuition: 

    Masters of Business Administration $820 per credit
    Masters of Nursing $820 per credit
    Masters of Education $640 per credit
    Doctorate $960 per credit

    General Fee for CRNA Students:

    Part-Time $410   

    General Fee for Doctorate Students: 


    Summer 2019 Housing

    Housing options are available at the Residence Life Office.  Payment is due at the time the contract is submitted to the Business Office.

    Summer Billing/Due Dates

    The following are the billing and due dates for payment for each of the summer terms. Note: All summer tuition is billed at the part-time rate.


    Undergraduate Billing Date

    Due Date

    3 Week Mini

    April 15

    May 7

    Special Session

    April 15 or upon registration

    May 7 or 10 days after registration

    Summer I

    May 6

    May 24

    Summer II

    May 30

    June 26

    Summer Grad

    May 6

    May 24

    Summer Online

    May 6

    May 24

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C. Matt Smith
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Linda Fetrow
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Semester Hours
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