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Home School Students

From home classroom to campus community

We are excited you are considering pursuing your higher education at York College. Given your unique background, we recommend the following procedures for Admission.

Process for Admission

  • Apply

    Submit a completed application to the Admissions Office.

  • Transcripts

    Submit an official transcript of high school course work and grades through the last term for which grades have been recorded. Official transcripts must be issued by a certified and accredited home school agency or organization, a home certified home school evaluator, or the school district for which you are affiliated. If course work was completed via enrollment at a college or university, official transcripts should also be submitted from these organizations.

  • Test Scores

    York College is "test optional" for more information about what this means, and what you will need to submit if you're not submitting test scores, please read our admission guidelines.

  • Letters of Recommendation

    (Optional) Submit two “outside” letters of recommendation, excluding parents or other relatives. Required only upon request from the Admissions Office. If you are applying test optional you will be required to submit letters of recommendation. For more information please read our admission guidelines.

  • Final Transcripts and Proof of Graduation

    An official final transcript must be received and should include a date of graduation/completion as well as all course work attempted and grades associated with those courses. The transcript must be certified or issued by one of the following:

    • The school district from which you are affiliate
    • A certified and accredited home schooling agency or organization
    • A certified home school evaluator
    • An organization that has been approved by the state's Department of Education to issue high school diplomas
    • A official GED test score report and diploma
  • Waiver of High School Diploma

    A request for the waiver of the high school diploma can be made if you have successfully completed 15-18 non-remedial, academic college credits prior to applying.

    Courses must have been taken in the following areas:

    • English/Communications
    • Mathematics 
    • Laboratory Sciences
    • Foreign Language
    • Social Science/History

    An official college transcript must be submitted to the York College Admissions Office directly from the college attended.

External photo of the Miller Administration Building

Meet the York College Admissions Team

Come see which counselor lines up with your home area! You can find contact information (including a number to text a counselor!), and match a face to a name next time we're in your neck of the woods. Don't hesitate to reach out to us. After all, this is what we do.