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Graham School of Business facilities

Modern. Professional. Cutting-edge. Our business facilities are designed to give you all the advantages and equipment needed to feel prepared for the corporate world.

The Willman Business Center, home of the Graham School of Business, features a commerce lab, a 150-seat lecture hall, smart classrooms and a glass-enclosed corporate training center.
Some of the features:

  • Commerce lab
  • 150-seat lecture hall
  • Smart classrooms
  • Glass-enclosed corporate training center
  • NASDAQ ticker
  • Close proximity to York-based corporations and businesses for internships and hands-on learning

Students also get to use the college’s J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship, a unique and innovative learning space. If you think entrepreneurship is part of your business plans, you can’t find a better place to learn, with guest lectures, competitions, incubator space and more.

The entrance to York College's Willman Business Center
A glimpse into the glass-encased NASDAQ Trading Lab at York College.

Bringing Wall Street to Country Club Road NASDAQ Trading Lab

Get advanced training in financial markets. Our lab, located inside Willman, has a smart board, real time stock information on the NASDAQ-sponsored ticker, and more.
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