Spring on the York College campus

Tuition and Fees Info

  • Graduate Tuition and Fees

    Fall 2021 and Spring 2022: Graduate Tuition and Fees

    Master's Program Per Credit Rate  Alumni - Per Credit Rate     Government Employee - Per Credit Rate*
    Graham School of Business:      
      Master of Accounting $660 $600  
      Master of Business Administration $720 $660  
      Master of Leadership $660 $600  
      Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication $660 $600  
    School of Arts, Communication, & Global Studies:       
       Masters in Music Industry $660 $600   
       Master of Public Policy and Administration $660 $600  *$560
    School of Behavioral Sciences & Education:      
           Master of Education:      
           Education Technology $660 $660   
           Educational Leadership PK-12 $660 $660   
           Reading Specialist PK-12 $660 $660   
           Diversity and Student Resilience $660 $660   
           Applied Behavior Analysis $660 $660   
           Learning Design Innovation (Online) $560 $560   
    School of Nursing & Health Professions      
       Master of Science in Nursing:      
           Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist - Education Focus  $720   $660   
           Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner  $720   $660   
           Nurse Educator  $720  $660  
           Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner $720 $660  
    Doctorate Program Per Credit Rate Fees      
    School of Nursing & Health Professions      
       Doctor of Nursing Practice:      
           Nursing Practice $820 $0  
           Anesthesia Program $960 $880  
    General Fee for CRNA Students
    Part Time $440
    Full Time $880
    Full-time enrollment at the graduate level is defined as students enrolled in nine or more credits in a given semester. Graduate students enrolled in less than nine credits are classified as part-time students. For the purpose of financial aid eligibility, graduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of five credits in a semester.
    *Pricing applies to full-time government employees. For more information please reach out to Vinny Cannizzaro at vcannizzaro@ycp.edu
  • Other fees

    Other fees

    Application for Graduation Fee: $65 (Fee for Late Graduate Applications: $90)

    The Application for Graduation Fee must accompany the Application for Graduation, which are available in the Records office, the Academic Services office in Campbell Hall, and by contacting the department for your graduate studies program.

    Graduation Application deadlines are: September 15 for December graduation, February 5 for May graduation and July 15 for August graduation. The late graduation application fee will be charged for applications received after the above deadlines.

    Seven-Year Limit: Students will have seven calendar years to complete their graduate degree. 

  • Refund Policy

    Refund Policy

    Tuition and fees are payable prior to the beginning of each academic session. No student may enter class until payment or arrangements for payment have been made. No reduction in tuition or fees is made for late registration. If a student does not meet the financial obligations prior to the end of the academic session, the student will not be permitted to attend nor complete any course. Grades earned on work completed in any course when financial obligations exist will not be released until the financial obligations are met.