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Deposit and Deposit Refunds

  • New students

    Applicants for both the fall and spring semesters are encouraged to pay the Tuition and Housing deposit by May 1. Deposits received after May 1 will be accepted contingent upon space availability.

    The tuition deposit is $100 (with the exception of Nursing and Engineering Majors). An additional $100 housing deposit is required for all resident students. These deposits are refundable if written notification is received by the Admissions Office prior to May 1. Please contact your Admissions Counselor for more details.


    Pay your deposit online at http://ycpweb.ycp.edu/deposit.

    • Your deposit indicates acceptance of admission.
    • Enter your ID number and PIN.
    • Pay the following amount.
      • $200 for on campus housing & submit your housing contract.
      • $100 for commuter students.
    • The FALL housing contract is available for submission after February 1st.
  • Returning Students

    Deposits signify a student's intention to return in the succeeding semester and are required prior to scheduling classes. There are two types of deposits:

    Tuition deposit - $100 per semester

    All students (full and part-time) are required to pay the tuition deposit prior to registering for classes.

    Housing deposit - $100 per academic year

    Please refer to the YCP residency requirement. This deposit is similar to a security deposit. It is held and applied against any dorm damages assessed upon departure. Credits will be refunded or applied against other balances.

    Typically, deposits for the upcoming fall semester and summer sessions are accepted beginning February 1 and for the spring semester beginning October 1. Students can pay deposits online or through the Business Office.

    Tuition and Housing deposits are refundable upon written request to the Business Office (or Registrar's Office) and the Residence Life Office, respectively, up to the date indicated below.

    Returning Student Deposit Refund Table

    Returning Students Deposit Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Sessions
    Tuition $100 15-Jul 15-Dec 1-May
    Housing $100 1-Jun 1-Nov  --

    Note: Both types of deposits are refundable if a student is denied final admission.

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