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When it comes to your ideal college life, where you live on campus (or how commuters are handled) might be as big a factor for you as academics. York College is a residential campus, meaning if you're not a commuter, you will be required to live on campus. We offer modern living with apartments, houses, and suites for upperclassmen as well as traditional residence halls. On campus, you're never too far away from food, class, the fitness center, and more.

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What you should know aboutLiving and Commuting as a York College student

  • I want to live at York

    I want to live at York

    To live on campus, you'll need to:

    1.  Fill out a housing application. This helps Residence Life get an idea where they can place you. The application is available through the student portal here my.ycp.edu. Step-by-step guidance is available at www.ycp.edu/housing.

    2. Choose a roommate, if you have one in mind. The roommate request period is April 19 – June 10, 2022. First-year students are restricted in where they can live on campus. The full list, including photos and room sizes, is available here.

    Common sites for first-year students: Beard and Penn Hall, Northside Commons, and the Manor Hall Complex.

    Who do I need to know in my residence hall?

    You’re not alone when you live on campus, even if you’re brand new! We have staff here to make you feel welcomed and secure. Once you have a residence hall lined up, find your staff members here.

    Resident Assistants (RAs):

    These are student leaders who help make sure you have the best environment for living and learning, from being on-call for your questions and concerns to providing programming and enforcing policy (like helping you out if a neighbor is being too loud.)

    Area Coordinator or Resident Director (AC/RD):

    This individual is a “live-in,” professional staff member who coordinates and supervises the overall operation of the complex. They make sure things are safe, clean, and that students feel supported. Area Coordinators/ Resident Directors also serve as hearing officers in student conduct hearings for code of conduct violations. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you must have tons of questions about living on campus. Here are some of the most common. 

    What should I bring?

    See sample packing lists under Housing at www.ycp.edu/newspartan

    TIP: You don’t need to arrive in August with every possession! Pack enough to get you through the first break. You don’t need a winter coat and five blankets in August. www.ycp.edu/housing

    What should I not bring?

    This is just as important. We don’t want you to be frustrated if something has to go back home! See the above page for specifics. But in general: no space heaters, no pets other than fish (unless you have special accommodation approval), no cooking appliances, no alcohol or drug paraphernalia, and no candles/incense/lava lamps. Nix the open campfire idea.

    Want a microwave and/or fridge?

    You can rent through https://www.mymicrofridge.com/ and it’s delivered right to your room. We even have a linen purchase program.

    What’s included in most rooms?

    All traditional hall double rooms offer each student a bed, a desk, a desk chair, a wardrobe with drawers, a mirror, a towel-rack/hook, a desk light, blinds which are pre-hung on the windows, and wireless networking. In lieu of a wardrobe with drawers, some traditional halls will have an open closet with drawers. Windows are typically 4’ wide by 5’8" high and the bedrooms are typically 12’ wide by 16’ long.

    I have to do laundry (or so my family tells me). Where do I go?

    Each hall/complex has laundry facilities. One wash cycle costs $1.00 and a dry cycle costs $1.25. Flex cards must be used for most washers and dryers. You can add \more flex dollars to your card at the Business Office in the Miller Administration Building or by visiting the YCP Flex Card Webpage. Your family can add money to the flex card at any time.

    Who cleans my room?

    Grab a mirror. Each student is responsible for cleaning their own room or apartment. The shared bathrooms are cleaned by YCP facilities staff.

    Can I pick a roommate?

    This is done through the housing application. You will be able to request up to three building preferences. Please make sure you select the correct semester when adding building preferences. There is also a roommate request period April 19 – June 10, 2022. Roommate requests may not be considered after the due date.

    Please note that a roommate selection isn’t always cut and dry. If you or your roommate are athletes, have a Learning Community, or housing accommodations, it may be difficult to satisfy everyone’s needs.

    Wait, what’s a Learning Community?

    Several of the First-Year Seminar courses (a required course for incoming first-year students), as well as STEM Scholars, offer a Learning Community. In short, you live with the students who are in your class so there’s more chance for personal growth and creating a community. Instant friendships and study groups! If that sounds appealing, you’ll want to try to sign up for that kind of First-Year Seminar class or apply for STEM Scholars. These all have limited availability. You can sign up for First-Year Seminar classes at New Spartan Days summer orientation.

    Do I have to have a meal plan?

    Students living in traditional or suite-style housing with no kitchen accommodations are automatically assigned a 165 Block Advantage meal plan with $275.00 dining points. This full meal plan gives students the advantage of using meal swipes in traditional dining halls as well as the flexibility to eat in on-campus retail dining locations by using dining points. You have the opportunity to change your plan to the 225 Block, 225 Block Advantage, or the Ultimate Plan. More information about each plan can be found at www.dineoncampus.com or on the Business Office website. Meal Plans can be used at “all you care to eat” dining facilities. Meals cannot be used in retail locations, but dining points can.

    Can I bring my car?

    Students may bring their car. However, it must have a YCP registration tag, which is available through the Department of Campus Safety. More information regarding parking regulations may be found by visiting the Campus Safety section. Parking permits cost $100 for residents and $50 for commuters for the academic year. Commuter students may register two vehicles. The second permit is free.

    Have a bike? There are bike racks outside each residence hall or close by. Register your bike with Campus Safety.

    I want to stay on campus during a break. What do I do?

    If you need to stay over during any College break, you must fill out the Break Request Form by the announced deadline.

    What about visitation?

    Visitation in student rooms is permitted on the basis of the schedule and regulations below:

    Sunday–Wednesday, 12 p.m.-1 a.m.

    Thursday–Saturday, 12 p.m.-2 a.m.

    All guests must be escorted in and around the building by their host resident at all times. From 12 p.m. until closing, all guests must sign in and out at the front desk of the lobby (if applicable). Photo identification must be left (college ID, driver's license, etc.). Residents are responsible for informing their guests of policies, rules, and regulations. Students will be held accountable for their guest’s behavior. These policies extend to facilities without front desks as well. All non-student guests must be 18 years or older unless with their parent/guardian.

    Visitors must obtain a visitor permit to park on campus in designated parking spaces. Visitor Permits are available here.

    NOTE: All visitation guidelines are subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


  • I want to commute to York

    I want to commute to York

    If you’re a commuter, you have plenty of opportunities to get involved. At YCP, commuters are those students who live within a 35-mile radius of the campus and reside at their legal residence. Roughly one-third of our undergraduates commute to campus! Full details, including parking maps, are available here.

    Tips for commuters:

    Use the Commuter Lounge
    YCP has a space for you to chill in between classes. The lounge is on the bottom floor of the Student Union near Spart’s Den. There’s a microwave, a TV, and lots of room to relax or get work done.

    Get involved
    We find that the more you’re active early on, the better. It seems easy to skip out on clubs or attending a campus event, but it’s that much harder to feel connected! Sign up for a club and make a commitment to yourself to try a few events in the fall.

    Make friends with residents
    A tip we hear from students is to connect with students who have the opposite living situation. If you’re a commuter, it can be super helpful to have a friend’s room to hang out. And resident students are known to be generous with card swipes into the dining hall for a commuter friend with access to a car!

    Plan ahead
    We have plenty of parking, but if you have a habit of arriving last minute before class, you won’t always get a spot right near the building. Don’t rely on luck. Plan ahead and build in a few minutes into your commute in case you need to grab a shuttle or walk.

    Tell your professors that you commute
    YCP makes every effort to give the campus advanced notice of closures or delays. But if the school is open, you’re expected to be in class, so make sure you know your professor’s attendance policies. And if you know that your commute might be delayed by inclement weather, construction, or other factors, it helps to let the professor know as soon as you can.

  • Health Services

    Health Services

    Medical professionals in the Health Services Office are available by appointment and in emergency situations. The physician and advanced practice clinician are available to help treat minor illnesses as well as help you find local referrals. We can also help manage chronic illnesses in coordination with your home physician. Hours are listed on our web page. Office visits do not have a charge; some tests, over-the-counter medications, and services have a nominal fee. The Health Services Office carries some prescription medications. Other medications may need to be fulfilled at a local pharmacy.

    Have an emergency or are in need of help after hours? Please call Campus Safety at 717.815.1314. Several after-hours care centers and hospitals are located in the area, as well. You’ll want to check with your family’s insurance company to check your in-network coverage. Medical treatment provided by the Health Services Office is provided confidentially under HIPAA regulations.


    What we need you to do:

    All new students must complete and submit the Student Health Form before June 15; we need this in order for you to attend classes in the fall. If you feel like you won’t be able to meet the deadline, contact the health office at 717.849.1615. Both commuters and residents must complete this form.

    Completed forms can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to the health office:

    Office of Health Services
    York College of Pennsylvania
    York, PA 17403-3651
    Email: healthcenter@ycp.edu
    Fax: 717.849.1601


    Unlike high school, where you might have had your medications stored in a nurse’s office, in college you are expected to be in charge of your own medications. If you have any questions, please contact the office.


    Iosue Student Union, Room 116 
    Phone: 717.849.1615 
    Fax: 717.849.1601
  • Library and Technology Services

    Library and Technology Services

    At York College, what you think of as IT is known as Library and Technology Services. It's a department that handles everything from library books and multimedia requests to email accounts and network issues, and it’s based inside Schmidt Library at the heart of campus.

    What you need to do:

    It all revolves around having your YCP network account set up. We’ll be emailing you (if we haven’t already) with info on your username and password. This is what you'll use to access your "@ycp.edu" email account, use the My YCP portal, where you pay your bill, sign up for parking, access class content, and check your grades in Moodle or Canvas. You need to log in to your account before New Spartan Days summer orientation to ensure it works properly.

    Once you have access, make a point to regularly check your YCP email. Your YCP email is your official means of communicating with York College offices and departments. We’ll be transitioning communication away from your personal email address as we move through the enrollment process, especially for official communication from various offices around campus.

    What’s more, you’ll need this account to sign up for classes at New Spartan Days summer orientation.

    Tech questions

    We’ll make sure you know much more about tech requirements during New Spartan Days, and before you begin classes you’ll need to review our acceptable use policy. More information can be found at LTShelp.ycp.edu/new-student-info We have WiFi available throughout campus, and Mac and PCs are both permissible. We often are asked if there’s a specific type of computer to get, but in general, there’s not one type that works best. You may, however, want to check with your school dean, a faculty member, or us for recommendations. Check out our computer recommendations. Don't have a computer? We have computer labs available 24/7.

    Printing, moving in, and more

    Printing is available at several spots around campus; your flex card comes preloaded with a $10 credit for printing each semester. You’re welcome to stop by the LTS Help Desk, located inside the library, for a variety of tech questions as you start classes this fall. We’ll also have staff members on hand during move-in; we know you may be anxious to get your gear set up! Cable TV access comes standard with your room, and we can help connect your gaming system as well. You know, for playing video games after you’re done studying.

    Schmidt Library

    Say it with us: The library is here to help you! Along with study rooms and computers, we can help, we can help you with interlibrary loans, research for a project, and tracking down specific books or media. We also have quiet zones that are excellent for studying. You’ll find that the library is abuzz near the end of each semester during finals week. 

    LTS Help Desk
    Schmidt Library


  • Counseling Services

    Counseling Services and Additional Resources

    Counseling Services

    York College’s Counseling Services Office assists students in finding solutions to life’s challenges by helping you manage stress and anxiety, learn new ways to deal with difficult situations, improve moods, mend relationships, and live your best life. To learn more about the confidential services this office offers or to complete an online mental health screening visit our Counseling page.

    The York College CARE Team

    Our CARE team works with departments on campus to assist students with medical, social, and academic concerns. The team connects with students of concern to provide individualized resources and support for their personal and professional success. We’re here for whatever you or a friend of yours needs to be in the best possible position for success and wellness. The CARE team can be emailed directly at care@ycp.edu or reached through Residence Life at 717.815.1281

    Visit the CARE Team page for information.

Have you completed these steps?Living on Campus Enrollment Checklist

  • 1. Submit your Health Form and Immunization Records to the Health Office by June 15

    You cannot attend classes or live on campus without submitting this. If you do not believe you can meet this deadline, talk with your counselor.

  • 2. Review Housing Options

    You can browse through all of these options on the Residence Life page for new students. Most first-year students live in traditional residence halls, although some live in Northside Commons. Certain factors, such as whether you play a sport, health concerns, and accessibility can affect where you live, as well as what roommate you have chosen or are assigned.

  • 3. Complete the Housing Application if You Will Be Living On Campus

    Before completing the housing application, students must first establish their YCP network ID (YCP email and password). Once these credentials are created, the housing application can be accessed through MyYCP > YCP Resources > MyHousing.

  • 4. Complete the Spartan Start Up Program

    In an effort to increase your understanding and awareness of the campus environment and culture, you are required to complete the Office of Student Conduct - Spartan Startup Course.

    The purpose of this course is to provide you with important information, including:

    • Where to access the Student Handbook and review of the Student Code of Conduct
    • Review Campus Policies on Drug and Alcohol Use, Diversity and Inclusion, Sexual Misconduct,  and Mental Wellness. 
    • Outline the five points of the Spartan Oath
    • Provide valuable information on campus resources, including health and safety tips.

    The program requires that you first view the Spartan Oath and Citizenship video and then complete a short quiz. You must receive a passing grade of 100% on the Spartan Oath and Citizenship quiz in order for your participation in the program to be marked complete.

    The entire course will take approximately a few hours to complete. Take some time now and complete this program before the deadline. In order to access the program, log onto Canvas on the YCP Portal. From there, students will see "Spartan Startup" on their dashboard. Click on the course and then go to "Assignments". Courses required for students to complete are:

    Spartan Oath and Citizenship Quiz
    AlcoholEdu for College: Primary
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Students 
    Mental Well-Being for Students 
    Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates 
    • All students must receive a grade of 100% on the Spartan Oath and Citizenship Course to be considered complete.
    • All other courses will need a passing grade of 70% in order to be considered complete. 

    Please note: All new YCP students are required to complete this assignment. This includes commuter, residential, off campus and transfer students. Failure to view the video and complete the quiz will result in a student conduct hold being placed on your student account. A hold on your account will limit your ability to add/drop classes, change your meal plan, withdraw from courses, etc.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Conduct at 717.600.3874 or by email at studentconduct@ycp.edu.

    If you are having trouble accessing the program, here are some tips that have helped other students:

    If you cannot see the assignment:

    1. Make sure you are using google chrome.
    2. Clear your browser cache, cookies, and history.
    3. Make sure you click on the assignments tab first.

    If you cannot see the next button or part of the course:

    1. Unmaximize your window. 
    2. Zoom out on the assignment box. (Make sure that your mouse is IN the assignment box when you zoom out)
    3. If that does not work, make sure mouse is in the assignment box, hit CTRL and – keys. 

    If you believe you have completed the assignment but you still have a 0%: 

    1. Go back into the assignment and continue clicking through until you receive 100%. 
    2. Make sure you have received at least 70% on each quiz in the assignment. 

  • 5. If You Bring a Vehicle on Campus, Register It

    To park on campus, you'll need a parking permit through Campus Safety. This is available online through the MyYCP portal. Select the blue MyParking icon. You can also pay with cash or check in the Business Office. Bring the printed receipt and temporary parking permit to the Campus Safety office during business hours or during summer orientation. You’ll also need vehicle registration, your student identification card (you get this here, too!), and driver’s license. The permit lasts all year.

    Registration opens August 1.

  • 6. Get Familiar With Campus

    The virtual map is a great starting place. Find academic buildings, parking locations, banking on campus, Zagster bike rental locations, shuttle stops, and more here.

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