Caring for York College Students

The Health Services Office at York College is committed to keeping students feeling well by providing the best care possible. Our physician and nurse practitioner are available by appointment to ensure students can get treatment for the common cold or find local referrals for more serious illnesses. We can also coordinate with your home physician to manage chronic illnesses.

Health Services Office

Iosue Student Union, Room 116
Phone: 717.849.1615
Fax: 717.849.1601


Virtual Medical Care and Counseling Services

Learn more about TimelyCare for YCP students.

Emergency or After Hours

Campus Safety

Phone: 717.815.1314

Health Services Information and Resources


The Office of Health Services offers many over-the-counter medications and other pharmaceuticals. Some of these are available free of charge for illnesses such as colds. Other medications are provided for a nominal fee. 

Required medications not stocked by Health Services must be obtained at an outside pharmacy by the patient. We can direct students to local pharmacies. The Office of Health Services cannot fill prescriptions from outside physicians. Medications will not be dispensed for chronic illnesses requiring long-term use.


Certain appliances, such as crutches and some splints are available on loan at no charge. Other appliances are available at cost.

Students who become ill or injured on campus and desire to come to Health Services but are unable to walk or drive to the Student Union Building, may call Campus Safety at 717.815.1314 for transportation.

Campus Safety may provide transportation for medical care (referrals, x-rays, hospital tests, and consultations) to York Hospital if no other means of transportation is available to the student. This service is not guaranteed, especially during inclement weather.

At times, when Campus Safety is not available for transport, transportation can be provided for a fee by the local ambulance company or a local cab company.

Repeated appointments or care for chronic conditions requiring transportation off campus is the responsibility of the student. Bus service and taxi service are available from campus.

You have a right to confidential treatment of all information and records pertaining to your care, as well as full consideration of privacy concerning your treatment and rehabilitation plan. You also have the right to be advised as to the reason for the presence of any individual during the course of your medical care.

The student's written permission is necessary before information may be released to anyone not directly involved with the care and may be rescinded in writing at any time.

The Health Center also has access to electronic medical records from WellSpan and will access these records as needed to provide continuity and collaboration in regards to the student health care needs.

In support of higher education, we provide learning experiences for nursing students, nurse practitioner students, medical students, and physicians completing their residency training. Confidentiality is considered of utmost importance.

Students' Rights and Responsibilities

Students have the right to accurate information, to the extent known, concerning the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of illness or health-related conditions.


You have a right to confidential treatment of all information and records pertaining to your care, as well as full consideration of privacy concerning your treatment and rehabilitation plan.

According to the YCP Student Handbook, Health Services staff will verify your visit; however, they will not provide written excuses for missed classes.

Please have the faculty call the Health Services office for verification of visits or illness. Resident students are to report all illnesses and accidents occurring after hours to the Residence Life staff or the Department of Campus Safety. A student confined in the residence hall more than 48 hours is expected to make arrangements to be taken home or evaluated at a local hospital. Contact the Health Center at 717.849.1615

This information is published in the York College Student Handbook, The College Community, Health Services, Excuse Policy.

The Office of Health Services does not currently charge for office visits. Some tests and services come with a nominal fee.

Charges for Health Center Services

  • Rapid Strep Tests $15
  • Urine Dipstick $15
  • Rapid Mono Tests $15
  • COVID-19 test $15
  • Tuberculin skin test (PPD) $15
  • 2-step PPD $20
  • Physicals** $25
  • Physical and PPD $30
  • EKG $25
  • Pharmacy charges for most medications $15

**Physicals are for teacher certifications, driver's license, updated sports physicals, and limited employment exams. Absolutely no pre-op physicals are conducted at the Office of Health Services.

Resident students are to report all illnesses and accidents occurring after hours to the Resident Director or designated staff. A student confined in the residence hall more than 48 hours is expected to make arrangements to be taken home or evaluated at a local hospital.

Instructions for Completing Your Health Forms on PyraMED Student Health Portal

PyraMED is a student health portal where Health Services can collect your health forms needed to attend York College of Pennsylvania. Health Services will also use this program to document your care while visiting the Health Center.

  • Visit or click on the PyraMED icon in your MyYCP portal. 
  • Log in with your YCP credentials.
  • Click on the "Pending Forms" link. You will need to complete eight (8) electronic forms. 
  • Please read all directions for each online form. *Starred items are required. If they are not completed, a hold will be placed on your account.
    1. *Medical History - Enter your medical history; then upload your Physical Exam Form at the bottom of the online form.
    2. *Immunization History - Enter all vaccine dates; then upload your Immunization Record Form at the bottom of the online form. 
    3. *TB Screening - If you answer “YES” to any of the questions on this form, you will need to complete the Positive TB Screening Form.
    4. Emergency Contacts - List someone we can contact in case of an emergency
    5. HIPAA Forms - Required to speak with someone other than the student regarding medical care
    6. Insurance Card - Upload a picture of the front and back of your medical insurance card
    7. COVID Immunization History - Only complete if you have a COVID-19 vaccine card.
    8. Communication Preferences - This is required to send appointment reminders and notifications of secure emails via SMS text message.

Instructions to Access Physical and Immunization Forms (for Medical Providers)

  • Please use the printable forms found on this Health Services webpage, or in PyraMED under "Related Links," to take to your medical provider for completion. 
  • We will not accept any other forms or documentation.
  • Your medical provider must complete the YCP Physical Exam Form and Immunization Record Form.
  • International students: blood tests (titer levels) showing immunity to the required immunizations must be attached/uploaded online under the Immunization Record Form.

The Student Medical Record is required for all students at York College. Failure to comply will result in a hold being placed on the student account. This means that the student would be unable to register for future classes and would not receive grades for the current session until this form is submitted. Please complete these records electronically via the PyraMED Student Health Portal, or contact Health Services if you have any questions.

Student records are protected under Federal Confidentiality Regulations and cannot be disclosed without written consent.

Many health issues are addressed in our office with brochures and booklets, but there are many resources available on the internet. The Health Services office has compiled a list of community resources to assist our resident and commuter students.

Local Health Organizations

National & State Organizations

York Area Community Resources

York City Bureau of Health
435 West Philadelphia Street

Family First
116 South George Street

The Glatfelter Agency
Student Insurance Information
717.852.8000 (Holly King)

PA State Health Department
1750 North George Street

Free information telephone service

Allergy & Asthma Specialists

Allergy and Asthma Consultants
1620 South Queen Street

Family Center for Allergy & Asthma
2605 Joppa Road
717.747.5777 (Dr. Michelle Klinek)

Behavioral Specialists

WellSpan Behavioral Health at Delphic
1600 South Queen Street

WellSpan Behavioral Health at Edgar Square
1101 South Edgar Street

Mental Health/Mental Retardation
100 West Market Street

Cardiology Specialist

Cardiac Diagnostic Associates
Apple Hill Medical Center
25 Monument Road, Suite 200

Dental Specialists

York Hospital Dental Center
1001 South George Street

David Hoffman, DDS
924 Colonial Avenue, Suite 1

Dermatology Specialists

Dermatology Associates
205 Saint Charles Way

Stanton S. Lebouitz, MD
1936 Powder Mill Road

Ear, Nose, Throat Specialists

York ENT Associates
924 East Colonial Avenue, Building E

Family Health

Memorial Hospital Outpatient Clinic
325 South Belmont Street

Thomas Hart Family Practice
York Hospital

York Hospital Community Health Center
605 South George Street, Suite 200

Gastroenterology Specialists

Digestive Disease Center, Inc.
25 Monument Road, Suite 250

Gastroenterology Associates of York
2690 Southfield Drive

GYN Specialists

Planned Parenthood
728 South Beaver Street

The Women's Healthcare Group
1692 South Queen Street

York Women's Health Center
1399 South Queen Street

WellSpan Women's Center
35 Monument Road, Suite 204

Infectious Diseases Specialist

WellSpan Infectious Disease Specialists - York
1001 South George Street, 4th Floor

Ophthalmology Specialists

Apple Hill Eye Center
25 Monument Road, Suite 297

Leader Heights Eye Center (Dr. Lander)
309 Leaders Heights Road

Ophthalmology Associates of York
1945 Queenswood Drive

Orthopedic Specialist

Orthopedic & Spine Specialists (OSS)
1855 Powder Mill Road

Surgical Specialists

Apple Hill Surgical Associates
25 Monument Road, Suite 220

Leader Surgical Associates
25 Monument Road, Suite 260


D & L Cab Company

WellSpan York Hospital

After Hours Care and Hospitals

There are several walk-in urgent care clinics and hospitals in the area, so if you need emergency or after hours care, you're in safe hands. The WellSpan York Hospital emergency room is within walking distance, located at the intersection of South George Street and Country Club Road. UPMC Memorial is also nearby. Please contact Campus Safety or 911 if you need immediate emergency care.

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