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The York College Promise

College matters. Turning potential into purpose.

For students in York County, PA, York College of Pennsylvania isn’t just another local school. Our campus is a constant presence, filled with educational experiences that support our communities, and a promise of opportunity for a bright future. Now, the York College Promise expands our commitment to access to education, especially for local under-resourced students.

The York College Promise provides eligible graduates from York County high schools with an opportunity to attend college as part of a cohort of fellow program participants who will live and learn together on campus.  Students will receive personalized support with academic advising, work-study job opportunities, and free tuition toward their cost of attendance at York College. 

An education from York will help to drive the economic impact of a well-educated workforce in York County. The Promise program offers an opportunity for students who come from families that, without assistance, would not be able to attend a four-year college.  We believe in the young people in our communities and are making a promise that we will help them succeed as part of a stronger York County.

Applications for the York College Promise for Fall 2021 are still being accepted until all spots are filled.

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Program Benefits

The York College Promise provides several benefits to help you successfully earn your degree.

  • Free tuition for four years
  • Specialized academic advising
  • Work-study job opportunities on campus
  • Hands-on learning and volunteer opportunities through the Impact York program
  • A supportive cohort of fellow York College Promise students living on campus

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Criteria for Program Participation

    Criteria for Program Participation

    • Students will be full-time, first-time students from York County.
    • Students must have graduated from a York County high school in good standing, or have been homeschooled in York County, with at least a 2.5 high school GPA.
    • Students must enroll at York College in the fall immediately following their high school graduation.
    • Students must be residential students, on campus, during their four years of college, and enrollment must be continuous every regular term.
    • Students must come from families whose Adjusted Gross Family Income, as indicated on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), is $75,000 or less and eligible for a Pell Grant award. 
  • What's Covered?

    What's Covered?

    • Published tuition and general fees are covered for four years, or a maximum of eight regular terms* (nine terms for appropriate fall clinical nursing students). 
    • Membership in a cohort model gives students access to a peer network, as well as specialized support from York College staff in areas like residence life, student success, and community involvement.
    • Students may use other forms of financial aid to pay for other education-related expenses, including books, housing, meal plans, and other costs of attendance. 

    *Program fees, course fees, and/or program differential fees are not covered by this award.


  • Requirements for Students

    Requirements for Students

    • Students will participate in a cohort model, taking certain courses together as a group.
    • Students must live on campus in assigned residential housing during all four years of their college experience. 
    • Students will participate successfully in the Impact York program.
    • Students must participate in a summer orientation for first-time students prior to the beginning of their first year at York College
  • Maintaining Scholarship Eligibility

    Maintaining Scholarship Eligibility

    In addition to participation in all aspects of the program, York College Promise students must maintain the following standards in order to continue qualifying for their scholarship each term.

    • Students must complete at least 30 new credits toward degree completion each year, with a minimum college
      GPA of 2.0.
    • Enrollment must be full-time and continuous every regular term. 
    • Students must remain in good standing — academically, financially, and socially. 
    • Students must live on campus in assigned residential housing each regular term.
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