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Spring on the York College campus


Discover how social forces shape human behavior — and how you can turn that commitment to understand the challenges of society into a career helping others.

In what can seem like an out-of-control world, sociologists look for patterns in social order and origins of conflict. You’ll get behind classical and contemporary theory while doing research both on your own and alongside expert faculty to help you understand how people relate and respond.

Sociology is the perfect jumping off point for graduate studies as well as careers in personnel work, community planning, survey research, social and government agencies and more. Study American social problems, ethics, religion, race and minority relations, family relationships, wellness, and more.

Sociology degree at York College of Pennsylvania
Sociology means studying people and how they relate to each other. At York College, you'll do research projects, internships and more to deepen your understanding.
The Appell Life Sciences Building is home to the Departments of Biological Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, and Education.

Your future in Sociology

Our graduates work for Adams Hanover Counseling Service, Bell Socialization Services, Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, WellSpan Health and other health facilities.

Program Requirements

Required Courses and Degree Requirements for Graduation
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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

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