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Wondering How to Become an RA?

November 19, 2021
An RA group photo for the blog

Resident Assistant hiring season is here, which means that new opportunities are opening up for YCP students to help other Spartans adapt to college life. Think the RA position may be a good fit for you? Keep reading to learn more!

What exactly does an RA do? 

They create a sense of community

RAs are responsible for four areas: community building, student success, safety and security, and administrative support. As an RA, you’ll fill the role of community-builder, making sure that residents of your floor, building, or complex are getting along with one another, and working together to maintain an enjoyable living environment. 

You’ll also create programming that makes residents feel welcome and excited about on-campus life, whether that involves a s’mores night, craft night, or board game night. You’ll also want to make sure that your residents are comfortable coming to you with a problem, and that you are well prepared to follow emergency procedures when necessary. 

They help students stay on track with classes

RAs help foster an environment that caters towards students’ academic responsibilities, as well. They communicate information about academic resources, such as the Academic Support Center, the Writing Center, or Counseling Services.  If hired as an RA, you will be trained on the many campus resources that students can take advantage of during their time at YCP.

They come through in a pinch!

When a student gets locked out of their building, the RA on duty is their go-to person. They also teach students how to submit work orders if they need to for anything that may not be working in their area. As an RA, you’ll also be receiving a lot of emails from residents, your department, and your supervisor -- so it’s imperative that you make sure you’re on top of your communications and email inbox. Overall, it’s about being a good team player and behaving with professionalism toward the YCP and York, PA community. 

Wondering how to become an RA?

If that all sounds like you, good news! You can apply to become an RA. But how do Resident Assistant applications work? 

First, you need to have

  • 12 credits earned at YCP
  • A 2.25 semester and cumulative GPA
  • Be enrolled as a full time undergraduate student, and
  • Have no active student conduct sanctions

Additionally, before every fall and spring semester, you’ll be required to take part in RA training. RAs also attend biweekly one-on-one meetings with their supervisor and weekly staff meetings, take part in RA staff selection processes, and help with program implementation. 

What’s new?

Starting Fall 2022, students who serve as RA’s will be compensated with full room, along with a parking space and a stipend. Both commuter and residential students are welcome to apply!