A professor speaks to a group of students sitting in the film viewing room with black and white film on the screen over his shoulder.

Program Requirements

Digital Art and Artificial Intelligence, B.A.

120 total credits

Generation Next Requirements (42 credits)

  • FYS100 First Year Seminar
  • FYS102 Common Hour (0 credits)
  • Foundations: Communication FCO105 Rhetorical Communication
  • Foundations: Advanced Communication
  • Foundations: Quantitative Fluency PHL231 Logic
  • Foundations: American Citizenship
  • Foundations: Global Citizenship
  • Disciplinary Perspective: Humanities
  • Disciplinary Perspective: Social/Behavior Sciences
  • Disciplinary Perspective: Natural/Physical Sciences
  • Disciplinary Perspective: Art CRW272 Intro to Creative Writing
  • Constellation: Elective
  • Constellation: Elective
  • Constellation: Elective
  • Constellation: Elective

Major Requirements (74 credits)

Studio (42 credits)

  • GRD235 Concepts  of Computer Graphics
  • ART210 Design Fundamentals
  • ART216 Figure Drawing I
  • ART215 Drawing I
  • ART265 Drawing II
  • ART315 Drawing III: Animals
  • ART365 Drawing IV: Character Design
  • ART213 2D Animation I: Fundamentals
  • ART264 Animation II: 3D Basics
  • ART313 Animation III: 3D Advanced
  • ART364 Animation IV: Production
  • ART310 Storyboarding
  • ART337 Junior Fine Art Studio
  • ART437 Senior Fine Art Studio

Art History (9 credits)

  • ART204 Survey of World Art I
  • ART205 Survey of World Art II
  • ART387 The Art of World Building

Writing (12 credits)

  • HUM215 Intro to Generative AI for Creatives
  • CRW275 Creativity
  • CRW285 Uncreative Writing
  • LIT 373 Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Professional/Portfolio (11 credits)

  • ART298 Soph Portfolio Review(1 credit)
  • ART440 Sr Portfolio and Exhibition (1 credit)
  • ART435 Professional Development Seminar
  • ART450 Internship or ART498 Independent Study
  • MUS497 Publishing, Licensing, Copyright for Creatives

Elective Requirements (4 credits)

  • Electives (4 credits)