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Reaching your academic potential goes beyond studying hard

Academic Coaches and Tutoring Services.

Academic Coaches will be available for consultations on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, as the fall semester begins. Click here to access their schedules on the Spartan Learning Services (SLS) website.  They will meet with you via Zoom or in-person.  

  • To connect with a Coach via Zoom, schedule an appointment. Then at the time of your meeting, go back to the SLS website and click on your scheduled appointment time slot.  From there you will click on the coach's Zoom link.
  • For an in-person session, meet the Coach in the Academic Support Center, HUM01.


Some Math, Biology and Chemistry tutors are available via zoom during summer session.  Students will email the tutor and ask about setting up an appointment to meet. To see the tutor contacts for the courses being supported, click here.    


Tutors for select non-MAT courses will be available Wednesday, September 1, 2021, as the fall semester begins.  The courses, days/hours of tutoring, and if appropriate, the tutor Zoom links for the select courses we're supporting, will be listed.  No appointment necessary.  Find the course for which you'd like assistance.  The tutor will either be in-person or available via zoom.   In-person tutoring takes place in HUM01, the Academic Support Center.  If a zoom link is listed, click on it at the day/time stated, to connect with a tutor.


Enhance your studying skills, get access to subject matter experts, and find new ways to improve your academic performance.

Tutoring and Coaching Services

  • Schedule an appointment with a Tutor or Coach

    Summer 2021 tutoring services 

    Academic Coaches - They will resume services on Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

    Make an appointment with a coach to learn how to create strategies to successfully negotiate your academic and personal challenges. Look at how you are spending your time, discuss what your priorities are, and work to master effective study habits. During a consultation, create a plan and then stay in touch with the Academic Coach for support in these areas: 

    • time management
    • note-taking
    • text anxiety
    • test-taking strategies
    • comprehension strategies
    • textbook reading


    Math/PHY110, Biology and Chemistry Tutors

    Click here to see the tutor contacts during the summer sessions. A Math, PHY110, Biology or Chemistry tutor will zoom with students to explain concepts and model correct strategies to solving problems. 


    Writing Center

    Writing essays, designing websites, giving presentations--college students from all majors are constantly composing. All these forms of writing are vital ways in which students learn, share what they've learned, and develop their communication skills as future professionals.

    The Writing Center supports how all forms of writing are taught and learned at York College. We seek to provide space, services, and programming to cultivate a community of writers across the campus and work to encourage both students and tutors to continually grow as writers.

  • Drop-In Tutoring Hours

    Tutoring for the fall semester will begin on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.  Click here to see the hours and Zoom links of our tutors. Below is a list of courses for which we offer tutor support.

    We offer tutoring for select courses. Zoom days/hours and in-person tutoring for select courses are listed on the schedule.  Students will connect with the tutor at the Zoom link listed by the tutor's name, at the appropriate day/time.  In-person tutors will meet students in the Academic Support Center, HUM01, at the day/time listed on the schedule.

    Behavioral Sciences: Select Psychology courses

    Biological Sciences: Biology 142/150/152: Genetics; Biostatistics; Micro-Biology; A&PI/II; Bio-Chem

    Graham School of Business: Financial, Managerial, and Intermediate I/II/III Accounting; Business Stats; Economics; select Management and Marketing courses

    Music, Art, and Communication: Music Theory and Aural Skills courses; Select Art courses

    Nursing: Med-Surg; Pharmacology; select upper level nursing courses

    Physical Sciences: General Chemistry I/II; Organic Chem I/II; Chem 122/123; PHY110/112 and math courses

    Engineering: Select Computer Science courses; Computational Methods; select Physics courses


  • Interested in being a tutor?

    Interested in being a tutor?

    Interested in being a math tutor?

    Students who want to tutor mathematics need a recommendation from a professor with whom they've taken a YCP calculus course. Students must also be in good academic standing with an overall GPA of at least 3.2.

    It’s also strongly recommended that math tutors take the course MAT210, Teaching Basic Math Skills, a 3-credit course offered in the spring. This course reviews math content most often tutored in the Academic Support Center and introduces future math teachers to research-based best practices in the field. If a student is unable to fit MAT210 into his or her schedule, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. 

    To be a Math Tutor students must apply for the position of Peer Tutor on the Spartan Career Path.

    Interested in being a content tutor?

    To be considered for a position as a content tutor you must have successfully completed the course you wish to tutor and have a recommendation from your professor to tutor that course. In addition, you must apply on the Spartan Career Path.

    Recommendations should be sent to Barb Zmolek at bzmolek@ycp.edu or call 717.815.6598.

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