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Undergraduate Research Project Grants

Through research and creative opportunities, York College undergraduate researchers hone their ability to ask questions, communicate, organize, and investigate. This initiative is designed to inspire student researchers to reach beyond course requirements (therefore, although research projects selected for this grant may begin as class-based assignments, student work during a project funded by this grant may not be performed for a course grade -- unless it is for an independent study).

Student presents undergraduate research to faculty member.

How to apply for project grant

  • Funding Information

    Funding Information

    Research grants of up to $1,500 will be available to support undergraduate research in any field.  Applicants are encouraged to seek funding from multiple sources. UR Project Grants may be used to purchase laboratory supplies, media supplies, microfilm, software or field materials; fund copying or printing expenses; support telephone, fax or other communication costs; fund travel to a regional library, museum or off-campus field site; or make possible other legitimate research expenses.

    The funds must be expended directly in support of the proposed investigation and excludes funding for labor. Funds are not to be used for materials more rightly funded by another source, such as departmental equipment or standard laboratory supplies. Non-consumable items purchased in support undergraduate research become the property of York College of Pennsylvania. Computer software and hardware purchases must be approved by LTS. Reimbursements will be distributed to members of the research team as designated by the faculty mentor and must follow the policies of the College. Grants cannot be applied retroactively to cover expenses for research already completed.

  • Application Process

    Application Process

    Student researchers and/or faculty mentors can submit this application. All student researchers must have a faculty mentor for the duration of the project, and students who submit this application must gain the endorsement of the faculty mentor to apply for the grant. These grants are awarded on a rolling basis (no deadlines), and the number of available grants in any given academic year will be based on available funding. Applicants should prepare the following information for the application:

    • Name of student researcher(s) and faculty mentor(s)
    • Description of the project and the role of the student researcher(s) in developing the research question, methodology, data collection, analysis, and public dissemination.
    • A statement that includes the research questions and a description of your proposed research methodology.
    • An explanation of the anticipated outcomes of your research project
    • Project timeline description
    • Budget worksheet
  • Grant Selection Criteria

    Grant Selection Criteria

    • Increased Student Learning: the degree to which the project will provide optimal learning experiences for the student participants
    • Social Impact: the degree to which the project shows potential for increased knowledge or social impact
    • Research Framework: the degree to which the research framework is appropriate to the aims of the project
    • Costs & Timeline: the degree to which the costs being funded and timeline are reasonable and consistent with the methods, aims, and goals of the research and within the parameters of the grant.
  • Expectations of Funded Researchers

    Expectations of Funded Researchers

    1. Remain in good academic standing during the course of the research.
    2. Participate in relevant professional development events sponsored by the Center for Academic Innovation.
    3. Undergraduate researchers must present at research showcases sponsored by the Office of the Provost
    4. Submit a final report assessing the fulfillment of project objectives and use of resources.
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