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Refund Policy - Withdrawals

Documenting circumstances under which a refund will be given to students for tuition, fees, room and board.

YCP invests significant resources and incurs costs with the understanding that enrolled students intend to complete the academic curriculum to which they have committed. It is important that there be a clear and consistent policy regarding refunds to be equitable to all students and to YCP.

Prior to the end of drop/add, tuition and fees are automatically refunded 100% less any deposits. After the drop/add period, all students must submit a "Request for Change in Student Record" form to the Records Office to be eligible for a tuition refund. Additionally, full-time undergraduate students withdrawing from all coursework must meet with the Dean of Student Affairs to be eligible for a tuition refund. Refunds will be calculated based on the Tuition Refund Schedule.

Fees are non-refundable after the drop/add period. This includes, but is not limited to, the general, student activity, and course fees.

Failure to attend class, giving notice to instructors, emailing or telephoning, will not be considered an official withdrawal. In the absence of an official withdrawal, the student will be responsible for all tuition, fees, and room and board.

Please note: Financial aid adjustments will be made according to applicable federal refund regulations under the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 (HEA98). Questions regarding potential impact should be addressed with the financial aid department.

Tuition Refund Schedule

  • Tuition Refund Schedule for Fall 2022


    Refund %

    Fall 2022


    Through 8/31/22








    9/22/22 and after

    First Cohort/Graduate classes:

    Refund %

    Fall 2022


    Through 8/31/22








    9/8/22 and after

    Second Cohort: 

    Refund %

    Fall 2022


    Through 10/24/22








    10/28/22 and after


    RN to BSN Online Program (A Session):

    Refund %

    Fall 22 - A Session


    Through 8/31/22


    9/1/22 and after


    RN to BSN Online Courses (B Session)

    Other Online Session B Courses:

    Refund % Fall 2022 - B Session
    100% Through 10/26/22
    0% 10/27/22 and after


    MSN and MDA Online Programs (Full-Term):

    Refund %   Fall 2022 - Full-Term Session
    100% Through 8/31/22
    0% 9/1/22 and after
  • Tuition Refund Schedules for Summer 2022
    Refund % 3 Week Mini-Mester Summer I Summer II 13 Week Special Session* Summer Grad
    100% Through 5/17/22 Through 5/18/22 Through 7/7/22 Through 5/20/22 Through 6/2/22
    75% 5/18/22 5/19/22 - 5/20/22 7/8/22 - 7/11/22 5/21/22 - 5/26/22 6/3/22 - 6/7/22
    50% 5/19/22 5/21/22 - 5/24/22 7/12/22 - 7/13/22 5/27/22 - 6/2/22 6/8/22 - 6/10/22
    25% 5/20/22 5/25/22 - 5/26/22 7/14/22 - 7/15/22 6/3/22 - 6/8/22 6/11/22 - 6/14/22
    0% 5/21/22 and after 5/27/22 and after 7/16/22 and after 6/9/22 and after 6/15/22 and after

    *Other Special Sessions determined individually. Consult with Business Office.

    RN to BSN OnlineSession ASession B
    100% Through 5/9/22 Through 7/5/22
    0% 5/10/22 and after 7/6/22 and after


    Full-Term Online 
    100% Through 5/9/22 
    0% 5/10/22 and after

Additional refund Items

  • Dropped Classes and Withdrawals

    Dropped Classes and Withdrawals

    Dropped classes between 12 and 18 credits (full-time status) will not result in a tuition refund. Refunds will be calculated for credits dropped below 12 and over 18 using the Tuition Refund Schedule. With the exception of a complete withdrawal, the refund calculation for full-time students falling below 12 credits will be calculated on a per credit basis using the full-time tuition divided by 12 credits.

    Withdrawals prior to the first day of the semester will receive a 100% refund of tuition, fees, and room-and-board as charged less any deposits as per the Tuition Refund Schedule.

    Impact on Financial Aid - If you are receiving federal financial aid, e.g., Direct Loans, Pell Grant, SEOG, Parent Plus, or Perkins, and drop/withdraw, your financial aid may be adjusted. You are liable for the debt incurred and your eligibility for future financial aid could be affected. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more details.

  • Room and Board Refund

    Room and Board Refund Schedules for Fall 2022


    Students must officially check out of the residence hall by contacting the residence life staff (RD/RA) and completing the appropriate paperwork.  The following room refund schedule will apply: 


    Refund % Fall 2022
    80% Until 8/31/22
    60% 9/1/22 - 9/7/22
    40% 9/8/22 - 9/14/22
    20% 9/15/22 - 9/21/22
    0% 9/22/22 and after




    Meal plans will be pro-rated on a daily basis through the date of withdrawal.

  • Medical Withdrawals

    Medical Withdrawals

    Tuition refunds for medical withdrawal will adhere to the same refund schedule as voluntary withdrawals. Additionally, refunds of room and board charges for a withdrawal due to medical reasons will follow the same room and board refund schedule as voluntary withdrawals.

  • Disciplinary Withdrawals

    Disciplinary Withdrawals

    Students who are suspended or dismissed from the College for disciplinary reasons are not eligible for tuition, fees, and housing credits.  Meal plans may be refunded at a prorated amount at the discretion of the Dean of Student Development and Campus Life.


  • Military Withdrawal

    Military Withdrawal

    Students called to active duty during a semester should present a copy of their military orders to the Dean of Student Affairs. If timing does not permit a student to complete the required forms and present his/her military orders prior to leaving campus, the student may withdraw by sending a personally signed written request for a military withdrawal. A copy of his/her military orders must accompany the request.

    Students granted a military withdrawal will receive a full refund of tuition and fees. Refunds of room and board charges will follow the room and board refund table.

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