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Spartan Shoutouts


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Spartan Shoutouts

November 12, 2020

Celebrating the Spartan Oath, Spreading Kindness 

From their first semester, all students at York College of Pennsylvania take a pledge, the Spartan Oath, in which they agree to uphold the values of our College community:

  • Demonstrating respect for others
  • Exercising all actions with integrity and honesty
  • Communicating and interacting in a respectful and considerate manner
  • Evaluating how one’s actions and decisions affect others and the College community
  • Supporting and contributing to a healthy living and learning college environment

At first glance, these shared values seem simple — but living them day after day, especially in the face of new challenges and obstacles, isn’t always easy. That’s why the Office of Residence Life and Housing chose to launch “Spartan Shoutouts” this fall. 

“Through this program, students are recognized by peers, staff and faculty for following the Spartan Oath and spreading kindness across campus,” explains Sarah Machcinski, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Student Conduct, and Operations. 

Members of the campus community were invited to nominate students who demonstrate the values of the Spartan Oath. The students below were selected for recognition — and on behalf of the entire York College community, we thank them.


Myles Herzog

Reason for Nomination:

"Great first-time student, who demonstrates leadership."


Ena Haltigan

Reason for Nomination:

"Always demonstrates respect for others [and] contributes greatly to a healthy learning environment."


Jordan Koller

Reason for Nomination:

"She goes out of her way to not only contribute to a healthy living and learning environment, but to make sure that all of her actions reflect well on the college and act as a positive role model to those around her." 


Sarah Skane

Reason for Nomination:

"She is very involved on campus and goes out of her way to be a good role model in all activities." 


Rachel Wilhelm

Reason for Nomination:

"Rachel is respectful and possesses integrity with honesty. She is a great communicator...She sets a good example and supports the college in many ways."


Mackenzie Hulsey

Reason for Nomination:

"She is a model student."


Maria Balafoutas

Reason for Nomination:

"She always goes the extra mile to provide help to those who need it, and spreads kindness on campus." 


Savannah Wilson

Reason for Nomination:

"She follows the Oath, and is an amazing person...There is not a better person who represents the Oath than her, and she deserves recognition for it."


Marialuz Galarza Rojas

Reason for Nomination:

"She offered her time to visit and mentor first-generation college students, and help them get the support and encouragement they need to succeed in college." 


Sarah Beck

Reason for Nomination:

"Sarah Beck is the hardest working student! She is so kind to everyone and goes out of her way to be a genuinely nice person! Everyone should be a little more like Sarah Beck!"


Erica Cawley

Reason for Nomination:

"Being the best RA ever." 


Brenna Kahle

Reason for Nomination:

"Brenna has been such an awesome peer fellow this semester. She has been creative, caring, and organized."


Zachary Roberts

Reason for Nomination:

"This is a person who puts others before themselves. They go out of their own way, and take time out of their own day, in order to help others in their classes. He is respectful to everyone and makes everyone feel welcomed when speaking with him."



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